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   Chapter 167 Bad Weather

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"Thank you for your concern, Miss Sansa. It's me who abandoned Louis." said Sophia calmly, fiddling with her hair, as if she was telling an obvious fact.

But then, her tone, which seemed to care about nothing, became cold and stiff.

"Besides, it's none of your business."

The matter between her and Louis was still a matter between the two of them. Even if Carol came to persuade her last time, she would not really listen to her.

After all, except for Louis, no one else in the world had the right to talk about the relationship between the two of them.


The person on the other end of the phone seemed to want to say something, but the phone was hung up.

"Sophia, you won't be arrogant for long. Just wait and see. Soon, you will be completely useless, ha-ha."

Instead of getting angry, Sansa smiled, like the evil queen in fairy tales, sinister and creepy.

"As long as it is yours, it will always be mine..."

Beside the tall French window, a slender figure silently looked at the woman in the garden who smiled like a rose. Oh, maybe it was the dangerous poison thorns on the rose branches, which were full of poison.

It was too early to say who was whose.

The man sneered and looked down at the woman who was still complacent, as if looking at a pathetic ant.

"Wow, it's so exciting."

Sophia angrily pressed the microphone back to its original position. At first, she was not in a good mood, but now, she suddenly felt very comfortable from the bottom of her heart, the feeling running to every corner of her body.

As expected, it was the best way to vent her anger to contradict a bitch like Sansa.

Sophia didn't regret her bad attitude at all, nor did she have any guilty thoughts.

"Miss Natasha, you don't have to transfer all the phone calls from the Sheng Group. There is nothing to talk about."

After a while, she picked up the phone again and dialed the internal line of Natasha.

"Okay, Miss Sophia."

The voice from the other end of the line sounded very happy. Without guessing, Natasha could guess what had just happened. She agreed with a faint smile at the corners of her mouth.

"Adjust my schedule. I have to go there tomorrow."

She didn't say it clearly because she believed that she knew what she was talking about.


After hearing her answer, she smiled with satisfaction and continued to work.

She wondered if he would be there?

She picked up a document in front of her, and her originally concentrated thoughts began to float unconsciously.

Even if he was there, she was going there to work, not to talk about love!

When her fingers were cold, she noticed that the pen in her hand was actually inserted into the fingers of her other hand. Then she pat

take some more time to delay the construction period because of the weather.

Even if the Ning Group was rich, the partners from YH Group would never agree to add another useless expense.

Thinking of this, Sophia's face darkened and ordered coldly to Caroline.

"Okay, I'll do it right now."

Knowing that it was her dereliction of duty, Caroline didn't dare to take the blame at this moment, so she had to go to find the manager here to be the scapegoat.

"Miss Sophia! You are here, ha-ha. "

Soon, the temporary manager trotted all the way here. Looking at the woman in front of him, who was dignified, the middle-aged man in nearly forty smiled flatteringly, his face was oily and greasy.

"How do you explain the wood? Is this how you manage it? "

The reason why she had decided to delegate power was that she trusted these people, but she didn't expect that they would reward her in this way. To be honest, it was reasonable for her to be angry.

"There was just a thunder shower here, and the thunder rumbled in the sky. I was worried about the safety of the workers and didn't let them out."

It seemed that the manager knew that the boss wanted to blame him, so he didn't panic. Although his smile face was greasy, it didn't stop him from writing his sincerity on his face.

"Miss Sophia, the loss of wood can be compensated from other places, but if the employees' life are lost, it can't be compensated anymore."

On the way here, Sophia did see the dark clouds floating in the sky, and there was a dangerous light flickering in the black clouds from time to time. Perhaps what the other party said was not fake.

"Well, forget it. We can't use this batch of wood for the time being. You can send more people to add more wood when the sky is clear. The construction period can't be delayed any longer. "

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