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   Chapter 159 Difficulties Of The Board Of Directors

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Without Natasha's reminder, Sophia knew that today's board meeting was a query meeting specially held for her.

"President Ning, you haven't told us the progress of the project developed last time. Is there anything wrong?"

They seemed to be sure that the reason why Sophia hadn't submitted the work report for such a long time was that something bad had happened. Some of the board members present had a faint displeasure on their faces, and they didn't talk as politely as they used to be.

"If there's any problem, just tell us. We can figure it out together. It's hard for you to bear it alone. Be careful not to make bigger troubles."

The ambitious promise that Sophia had made in front of them were still ringing in their ears. These people were all smart, and of course, they would not allow their interests to be ruined.

Moreover, Sophia hadn't told them the progress of the project for a long time. It seemed that they were boiling frogs in warm water. If something bad happened, it was too late for them to regret.

"The stock of the Ning Group has fallen sharply these days. It's really worrying."

Several directors looked at each other, and one of them, dressed in a suit that was almost deformed by his beer belly like a pregnant woman, said abruptly. He glanced at Sophia with an unfriendly look, as if implying her something.

"I heard that the situation of the YH Group in the Imperial Capital is not as good as before. The market value of the company has dropped nearly one hundred million dollars. It's really frightening."

The development of the scenic spot was a big project of the cooperation between the Ning Group and the YH Group. Now that the YH Group, as one of the part, had been in such a big trouble, naturally, the people of the Ning Group were obviously very anxious about it.

As for the specific reason why this happened, all the board members present were not stupid and they all knew it had something to do with Sophia. As soon as they finished speaking, they looked in the direction of Sophia in unison.

"President Ning, do you know why?"

ask one of the directors while knowing the answer.

Now that she knew that Sophia was in a bad mood, she still tried to provoke her. Wasn't she making trouble for herself?

Looking coldly at one of the board members sitting in the middle of the right side of the long table, Natasha's imposing manner encouraged Sophia beside her.

"It's really a pitiful thing. If YH Group meets any trouble, I believe that as an ally, our Ning Group won't want to bear such a bad name as not to save it, right?"

Instead of getting angry, Sophia smiled politely and indifferently at the man who deliberately wanted to stir up a dispute. The words coming out of her pink lips were like needles with barbs, trying to make the other party unable to cry.

With her hands crossed and placed on the table in front of her, Sophi

o make them believe that those were just slanders, wasn't it?

In order to make her words sound more convincing, she deliberately put on an angry face, frowning and lowering her voice.

The people next to her seemed to be more hesitant about the truth. They looked at Natasha, who had always been telling the truth.

Unexpectedly, Natasha nodded slightly, as if acquiesced in what Sophia had just said.

This not only moved Sophia, but also made her feel very guilty.

"But they said it was ..."

Stephen had never expected that Sophia would say so. He was anxious to continue to argue, but how could Sophia give him the chance?

She gave a quick glance at Natasha, and the latter moved her hand cooperatively. The glass beside her hand suddenly fell to the ground, making a crisp sound of shattering. The warm water immediately wet a large area of the carpet.

"Ah! I'm so sorry. I was too careless."

Although she apologized, there was no trace of embarrassment on Natasha's face. She put her hand on the black frame of her glasses on the bridge of her nose. Her unquestionable aura made people dare not to say anything even if they wanted to refute.

He was just too innocent. How could he think of using such an excuse to threaten her? Did he really think that she was just a decoration without any skills?

"Just take it as your carelessness this time. If it happens again, I won't turn a blind eye to it even if you are a senior employee of this company who has worked for more than ten years."

Seeing that Stephen was about to say something but held back by the sudden break of the glass, Sophia couldn't help feeling happy, but she had to pretend to be angry and warned him coldly.

"Yes, President Ning."

In the face of Sophia, Natasha put on a humble attitude in a second, bowed her head and promised seriously and sincerely.

It was an interesting and effective way to warn people by punishing others.

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