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   Chapter 151 Torture

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"Louis! You are crazy! Even if you drink too much now, she won't come back! Stop drinking! "

She was too hungry at midnight and went to the kitchen to find something to eat. Otherwise, she would not find empty bottles all over the ground. What was worse, she might find a cold 'corpse' that had died of alcoholism the next morning.

Although she tried her best to grab the bottle that was once again close to Louis's mouth, she was no match for him so she could do nothing but watch him add another empty bottle on the ground.

"Louis! I warn you! You'd better stop hurting yourself before I tell Grandpa! "

It never occurred to her that Louis, who had behaved normally in the past few days after Sophia left the Imperial Capital, would become like this. He looked like he was soaked in a wine bucket and became so embarrassed.

In the past, his grave and dignified bearing would make people fear and show respect to him. But now, he was totally different.

She knew that everything had changed after the engagement party.

At first, she wanted to use the name of grandpa to suppress Louis, but she didn't expect that he turned a deaf ear to her and continued to drink the wine.

How dare she tell her grandfather that Louis drank too much here? At that time, Louis would definitely be caught and educated by him for several hours, just like when he had made a mistake in his childhood.

What's more, the wine bottles that Louis had put all over the floor were the best wine that John had treasured for decades, which undoubtedly made the situation worse.

Seeing that her words didn't work at all, she became more anxious. Now that the case was like this, she only had the last choice.

"Louis, listen to me. If Sophia knows what you are doing now, she will definitely feel heartbroken."

To untie a bell, the person who tied it was required. As expected, when Louis heard the name of Sophia, he paused for a moment, and his drunken eyes suddenly became a little sober.

'That's great!' She couldn't help but praise herself for her cleverness.

"She wants me to die. How can she feel sorry for me?"

It was him who set up all the schemes, breaking her and William up and breaking up her hard won friendship. All he did was just to get his beloved woman.

"You are a hypocrite."

The expressionless words made his heart ache, but he had to admit that it was the most merciful judgment for him.

It was all because of her. Her bright future was ruined by him.

"She said it first. Why should I suffer this?"

Ha-ha, as if laughing at himself, Louis grinned, but his throat had been paralyzed by alcohol, and could only make a terrible sneer from the deep of his lungs.

The light in his eyes, which had finally flashed, fell silent again in an instant, replaced

void problems by drinking too much, which was almost self mutilated. Such a coward behavior was not one of the skills that men in the Lu family should learn.

John glared at the man in bed, as if he was looking at a pile of mud that couldn't hold up the wall.

The most hateful thing was that Louis had drunk up all the best wine he had collected for decades. Looking at the wine stains all over the ground and the smell of the wine, John felt his heart bleeding.

Louis knew that the old man was worried about his wine, and he also knew that it was his fault, so he didn't say anything. He just silently endured the silent blame from an old man.

"What did you do to make that little girl so angry?"

Although he was Louis's grandfather, he didn't know much about the details. After all, it was the business of the younger generation, and he couldn't interfere.

Louis was in a daze for a while, and his nerves, which he had tried hard to relax, tensed up again. He felt so bitter that there was no expression on his face. He slowly raised his head, and his bones gave out a sense of bitterness, as if he was really a cold machine.

"Yes, what have I done?"

Louis's voice was hoarse and unpleasant, as if it had been ravaged by sandpaper, as the memories in his mind were rolling around.

"Humph! How could you do such a thing! You really disappoint me! "

After listening to Louis's words silently, John didn't support Louis at all. Instead, he looked extremely cold, with complex emotions in his turbid but clear eyes.

"I know why she blamed me and hated me. If I hadn't deceived that man on purpose, perhaps I would never be the one by her side now. "

This was fraud at the very beginning, so Louis knew that when this matter was exposed, with the character of Sophia, she would definitely not tolerate such a stain.

"I deserve it."

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