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   Chapter 132 I love you

Love Tricks: Trap A Sweetie By You Xi Characters: 4982

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"As I said, that woman is Louis's weakness. As long as she is with him, he will definitely relax his vigilance."

Looking at the two staggering figures outside the French window, Rob shook the goblet in his hand. The blood thirsty color at the corners of his mouth was like the liquid in the goblet.

"Ha ha."

The man next to him just listened coldly and snorted. Different from the other people's playful and gloating eyes, his eyes were like a burning fire, burning and sinister.

'Louis, I'll let you off this time, ' he thought.

"I didn't expect him to be able to resist our newly developed philter. It seems that he accepts it by nature. What a miserable wretch!"

Recalling how arrogant and hateful the other party was when he sneered at him just now, Rob gritted his teeth with hatred and wanted to tear that hypocritical smile into pieces.

The sinister smile on his face disappeared. He noticed that people were looking at them from time to time. Rob coughed and pretended that nothing had happened. He took a sip of the wine in his hand elegantly.

In a relaxed and elegant manner, he drank up the mellow liquid in the glass, as if he still wanted more. At last, he didn't forget to lick the wine at the corner of his mouth.

"It seems that Louis has been seduced by Sophia these days, which gave us a chance to breathe."

Louis thought his so-called flawless perfect plan was going on quietly as he expected, but he didn't know that all this had been sensed by t

for the woman who had been practicing martial arts since childhood. He was afraid that she would break free soon.

It wasn't that he didn't want the kidnapper to find Louis and Sophia, but...

He squinted at her and saw her bosom in her dress because of her action. He couldn't help but swallow hard and recited the Bible.

As a woman who was always anxious when dealing things, she certainly had no time to care about these. Once she bent down, he was afraid that those lecherous men who coveted her girlfriend would definitely look at her with straight eyes!

He would never allow other men to see his woman's body!

He didn't even see it himself! How could he let those bad guys go!

"Andrew! What do you mean? "

Hearing this, Carol glared at the man who had been holding her tightly. Apparently, she didn't know what was going on in his mind.

He had just become her boyfriend! How could he control her like this! In the past, he had never done anything against her will.

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