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   Chapter 131 Strong Desire

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"Then we'll leave first."

Rob had been waiting for Louis's apology angrily. However, before he could think about how to forgive him, Louis ignored his anger completely. No one present had expected that Louis would be so decisive.

"Is it good for us to just come out like this? "

Holding Louis's arm, Sophia found that Louis's whole body weight was on her. Louis's big hands kept running on her body, which made her raise her eyebrows and give him a hard kick.

"Honey, be gentle. I feel bad."

Louis snorted.

"Be quiet if you feel uncomfortable. Don't move. Do you know how tired it is for your wife to carry you?"

Sophia said fiercely, gasping for breath. She felt that she had done the exercise she would do for the rest of her life.

"I've called Hans just now. You take a rest first. We'll be home soon."

Louis stuck his head out and took a bite on her neck.

"My wife is so delicious."

"Don't move!"

Without any mercy, Sophia slapped on Louis's head. Knowing that Louis had been drugged, Sophia didn't know what to do with him. She was afraid that he would fall if she ignored him and left him alone, so she could only hold him tightly and let him do anything to her.

"What happened? !"

Hans saw the two people snuggling up on the side of the road from a distance. He thought something was wrong and quickly helped Sophia get Louis into the car.

"What else coul

uch a long time, the two of them had already become extremely sweaty.

"Bang!" Louis opened the door and got out of the car with Sophia in his arms. Without turning his head back, he strode into the room, and then with a familiar "bang", the door was heavily closed against the tip of Hans's nose.

Hans was a little stunned. Looking at the tightly closed door, he suddenly had an illusion that he was abandoned.

Now no one cared about Hans anymore.

With her back against the door, Sophia felt warmth in front of her. Louis clung to her.

Sophia's earlobes were warm. Louis gently bit her ears and called her name, "Sophia... Sophia..."

Her mind was in a mess. In a trance, she seemed to remember that there had once been such a person whose voice was so pleasant that it made people go crazy. He would call her name with a smile on his face.

Just like now.

Sophia involuntarily put her arms on Louis's shoulders.

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