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   Chapter 129 Strife Between Louis And Jack

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Louis remembered that the person he asked didn't have a high status, but he had contacts with many people.

The man was stunned. He was flattered, but at the same time, he was embarrassed. He didn't expect that Louis would notice him. When he received the invitation from the Sheng Group, he was also shocked.

"Actually... Mr. Sheng hasn't shown up yet."

The man said, unconsciously having a negative comment on Rob. He held the party, but as the host, he hadn't appeared.

Hearing that, Louis frowned slightly and said with some regret, "I see. I thought my wife and I were late and had planned to apologize to Mr. Sheng."

Louis raised his hand and patted Sophia's hand. He turned to look at her with tenderness.

"It seems that we didn't come very late."

The serious look on his face made people have a higher rating of Louis.

"I seem to have heard Miss Ning's name before, and it sounds a little familiar, but I have forgotten where I heard it exactly."

A lady pursed her lips and looked enviously at the two people in front of her. Her tone was full of goodwill.

"Really? "

Sophia said with a smile.

"Ah, I remember. The wedding of the young master of the Sheng Group. I remember that his wife's name is called Sophia Ning. "

Another lady suddenly clapped her hands and said.

As soon as she finished speaking, the lady immediately felt that something was wrong. She quickly covered her mouth, but her eyes were full of inquiry when she looked at Louis and Sophia.

"Indeed, my wife was married to Joey, the young master of the Sheng Group. But haven't you heard that they have divorced? "

Louis said word by word with a cold face.

"Ah, I'm sorry."

The lady's face darkened.

"I'm sorry, Miss Ning. It's my fault. Please don't take it to heart."

"It doesn't matter. It's a fact after all. There's nothing to cover up. At least we have a good relationship now."

Sophia smiled and leaned back in Louis's arms.

"Yes, yes. It's good to be young. I remember that my wife and I loved each other very much as well."

The husband of the lady stepped forward to mediate.

On the top floor where no one knew. Two men sat opposite each other and looked at the people downstairs through one-way glass.

One of them had a serious look on his face. He frowned and straightened his body. There was a scar on his forehead, and it was very eye-catching and made him look fierce.

The other man had his long legs crossed, and he was at least 1.8 meter

ed slowly but steadily to the door. The alcohol began to work, and everything in front of him was blurry. Jack walked out, took a breath of the fresh air and felt a little better. He identified the direction of the bathroom and strode over.

Jack grabbed a handful of cold water and poured it on his face. His eyebrows and eyes were blurred in the mirror. He shook his head suddenly and looked at himself in the mirror. Water dripped down his cheeks. He closed his eyes, recalling the affectionate scene of Louis and Sophia.

"Ha ha."

Jack chuckled.

Just let Louis continue to enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by so many people. He didn't have so much free time to play with Louis.

"Jack has left. Do you want to follow him and have a look? "

Sophia cautiously whispered in Louis's ear. The hot air exhaled from her mouth was sweet, a scent which was unique to the champagne she had just drunk.

Louis]'s earlobes were itchy because of the heat. He lowered his head slightly, and the elegant swan neck and delicate clavicle came into his view at once. Her snow-white and round shoulder was beautiful in the bright light.

Then the itch began to spread, from the earlobe to the heart, and finally gathered into a fire, burning all the way to the abdomen.

Without being noticed, Louis walked up to Sophia and leisurely took her to the dance floor.

The two stood face to face, like a pair of swans crossing their necks. The wide hemline of Sophia's dress completely blocked Louis's embarrassment.

"What's the matter with you? "

Sophia noticed something was wrong with Louis. He held her waist, and she sensed the heat from his palm.

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