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   Chapter 128 Attended The Party

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He didn't expect that this girl would become his obsession.

Louis remembered that the little girl's voice was trembling when she spoke. She looked at him with tears in her eyes and pouted her little mouth.

"Louis, don't forget me after you leave. I will wait for you at home. I will be obedient, and I will become very beautiful when i grow up. So don't forget to marry me when I grow up."

The girl said confidently.

"Okay, I won't forget you. When you grow up, I will definitely come back and marry you. Wait for me, okay? "

Louis squatted down and gently grabbed the small hand of Sophia, which was fat.

"Let's make a pinky swear. This is our agreement. Don't forget it!"

Louis heard her sobbing and saying it word by word softly.

It was the first time that he made such a clear agreement. It was a man's agreement with a girl, so Louis decided to abide by it.

In the past sixteen years, sometimes he looked at the sky of a foreign country, Louis began to doubt the meaning of his existence. Even a resolute man like him sometimes doubted the meaning of everything he had done.

When he grew up, he understood that his world was not so simple. His future should not only center on revenge.

"Louis, you must come back to marry me!"

The little face of Sophia always appeared in Louis's mind, and her soft voice often appeared in his ears.

Louis had made up his mind to keep his promise. To be exact, he had set a goal for his life. After taking revenge, he would find the girl who he loved deeply and marry her. He would live a peaceful life then.

He didn't know what Sophia would look like now. When he appeared in front of this little girl, would she run towards him with a big smile on her face like she had done when she was a child?

Sometimes, when a person thought of a thing or a person too often, it would unconsciously turn into an obsession.

After Louis started his career, the first thing he did was to send someone to investigate the Ning Family in Y City.

The result shocked him.

He didn't expect that Alex would die so young. When he saw the photo of Sophia, he seemed to be stunned and his spiritual soul was sucked into the photo.

The youthful Sophia was exactly what Louis had imagined for so many years.

Well, her eyes were bigger and she was not as fat as before.

She was still so adorable.

Louis looked at the information of Sophia carefully, and there was a rare gentle smile on his serious face.

But his gentleness was broken by the intimate photo of Sophia with William.

The girl who he had missed for more than 1

en well planned. What kind of decent achievement can a gangster bring out?"

Another voice replied with disdain.

"You can't say that. At least, Rob is capable for he has connections even in the underground world. But this is probably the only thing that deserves praise."

Hearing this, many people laughed. The men were unscrupulous, and the women even covered their mouths and chuckled.

Anyway, Rob was not present. All the people present had their own speculations about how Rob became the CEO of the Sheng Group, and their speculations were almost the same as the truth.

A few chuckles came to people's ears, and the powerful people all turned their heads to look to the voice came.

The dark blue suit was well tailored to his slender body, which perfectly showed his tall and straight figure. His eyes were dark, and the bridge of his nose was high. With a smile in his eyes, he made all people have a good impression of him.

"Hello, I'm Louis Lu. This is my wife, Sophia Ning."

[陆慕琛] politely introduced.

All the bigwigs were stunned. They knew the name of [陆慕琛]. The most promising company in imperial capital was Louis's YH Group. But they had only seen his photos on magazines, newspapers or entertainment media. They didn't expect Louis to be so young!

The rich and powerful people quickly reacted and introduced themselves. Louis shook hands with them one by one. Of course, Sophia stayed next to Louis with a decent smile on her face and greeted these ladies.

A moment later, with a big smile on his face, he looked at one of the bigwigs closest to him and asked, "This party is held by the Sheng Group. Why haven't I seen Mr. Sheng at the party? Or did I miss him because I came too late? "

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