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   Chapter 126 Three Days Later

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Sophia had put aside everything that had happened before. Now she felt the warmth from the Lu Family, which she had never felt before. Only such family could be called as a real family and only such family could make people feel warm.

"Okay, okay! We are family from now on!"

John patted her hand lovingly.

Looking at the current state of Sophia, John's eyes were filled with bitterness. Through Sophia, he seemed to see the fragile and stubborn Louis with unwillingness in his eyes.

These two children were very similar, both in personality and in experiences. A child who had experienced such a thing could still keep a bright heart. How could such children not make people feel pitiful for them?

"Let's set the engagement in three days."

Louis flicked the table with his finger.

"Three days."

Carol frowned slightly.

"It's kind of urgent."

"That will push you more. "

An evil smile appeared on Louis's face, and his eyes were full of arrogance.

"The preparation is almost done. It's time for us to stop."

"I think it will be an interesting thing."

Andrew held his chin and smiled.

Hearing these three people's words, Sophia was a little confused. She could tell that these three people were playing a riddle, but she really didn't know what these three people were talking about.

"I believe there will be a grand engagement party three days later."

Andrew smiled. It had been a long time since the Zhou Family and the Lu Family formed an alliance. It was a troubled time now, and it was just the right time for the Zhou Family to step in.

"Now that you have made up your mind, I will begin to arrange the engagement."

John looked at these young people with a smile on his face. He knew clearly that the world now belonged to them, and the elders should have quit the stage long ago.

"Do you have any requirements for sending the invitation? "

John asked.

"I don't have any requirements."

Louis shook his head.

"I hope grandpa can give me some samples of the invitation. I want to invite some people in person."

"I see. When the sample is out, I'll ask someone to send it to you."

John nodded and turned to look at Carol and Andrew.

"After you two go back, tell your family and find a time to meet each other. We need to make a statistics of the number of people attending the wedding. And Sophia, if you want to invite someone, you can directly ask for the invitation card from Louis."

"Okay, Grandpa,"

Sophia replied.

The discussion about the engagement finally came to an end. Because of the family background of Sophia, she was the most capable one to deal with all the things.

The dinner ended in laughter. Sitting in the car, Sophia squinted at the pendant tied to the rearview mirror. The pendant was swaying, making

her eyes wide open.

"Well, we are talking about the matter of the Sheng Group,"

Louis said with a smile.

"The Sheng Group? What did the Sheng Group do? I heard from Carol that the Sheng Group is not behaving well recently,"

said Sophia, frowning and pouting.

"Since there are so many things to deal with in the company these days, why do you arrange the schedule of the wedding so tight? "

"Because everything is going to be over."

Louis smiled, with his brows relaxed and his eyes shining.

"Little hedgehog, let me ask you a question. In the last meeting, you killed all your opponents in one breath and crushed them to the ground, making them unable to turn over. How did you feel at that time? "

"How did I feel at that time? "

Sophia frowned and recalled.

"Hmmm... Maybe it's just that I feel very happy to vent my hatred. "

"That's right. This is the pleasure of defeating an opponent in one breath. It can give the enemy close but rhythmic attacks. The storm-like attacks make the opponent unable to resist. You have complete control over the overall situation, and defeat the opponent down in an absolute posture."

Louis's eyes turned red as his years of elaborate plan flashed through his mind. No one in the world knew this kind of hatred better than he did.

"It's fun! Do you understand this feeling? Do you understand, little hedgehog? "

Louis's words made Sophia's heart beat faster. Unknowingly, she found that her back was wet with cold sweat.

"Don't do this, Darren. I'm afraid,"

said Sophia in a trembling voice as she tugged at the corner of Louis's clothes.

"Sorry... It's my fault. "

Louis came to his senses and looked at Sophia apologetically.

"Did I scare you? "

Louis asked cautiously.

"Yes, you scared me."

Sophia nodded vigorously.

"Louis, the man I love, is not like this!"

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