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   Chapter 125 Talking About Marriage

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"Sophia, when I was young, I was praised as a man who could drink a lot. Everyone knows that!"

"No way. Grandpa, you can't drink. You should put your health first,"

Sophia said seriously, not moved by John's words at all.

"Well... Sophia, I'm old and I have only this hobby. Now you even deprive me of this hobby. I feel so sad. "

Tears welled up in John's eyes as he looked at Sophia.

"Yes, you can drink. But you can't drink too much. You can only drink a little every day."

Sophia stretched out her hand and gestured on the cup.

"Well, all right. I promise you to drink just a little, but you have to promise me one thing,"

John nodded and said.

"Go ahead,"

said Sophia, tilting her head slightly.

"When you two have a child in the future, can you leave the child to me? "

John rubbed his hands and looked at Sophia with expectation.

"All right. No problem. This is a not a serious thing. I will try my best to satisfy you. Besides, you are the grandfather of the child, so of course I'll let you look after him,"

said Sophia with a smile. In the Lu Family, she felt the long lost family affection.

"Ha ha, I'm relieved to hear that."

John laughed.

"Grandpa, this is also my child. Why don't you ask me?"

Sitting next to Sophia, Louis pretended to be sad. He knew that John would not reject Sophia, but he did not expect that John and Sophia could get along so well.

"Why should I ask you?"

John asked.

"You have grown up. Why are you still unclear about the rules of our Lu Family? In our Lu Family, we always believe that a wife is the most important.

Besides, this rule is not against you, and you. "

John glared at Andrew who was pretending to be a good boy.

"Brat! How could you steal my granddaughter? I have to tell you in advance that if you dare to do anything to hurt my precious granddaughter, all the people of the Lu Family will never let you go! "

"John, don't worry. It's impossible."

Andrew stood up and bowed to him.

"John, I love Carol so much. I believe you know my attitude since it has been so many years. In other words, I have been through so many difficulties to get a wife. If I don't treat her well, I will be a fool! "

"You're smart enough."

John nodded with satisfaction.

Andrew and Carol had known each other for so many years, and for John, Andrew could be said to be his half grandson.

To be honest, she was a naughty girl since she was a child. She would never be idle, jumping up and down. Therefore, even though she was a girl, she was still the child king that everyone was afraid of.

After knowing Carol and Andrew knowing each other, Andrew became the exclusive scapegoat of Carol.

Because of this, Andrew had been beaten a lot. Carol and Andrew h

nd her to Andrew's house.

Later, she heard from her father that that night, her mother went out to buy a firecracker and set it off at the door for more than half an hour. She almost made her neighbors annoyed.

Carol had mixed feelings for this.

Her father was the eldest son of the Lu Family, who had spent most of his life with her mother. As her father, of course, he would not let her down. After complaining about her mother, he began to ask her how they two were doing recently.

He almost asked directly if she was pregnant.

After hanging up the phone, Carol was lost in thought. She wondered what she had done to make her parents believe that Andrew was blind to marry her, so she must seize this stupid and rich man.

"Andrew, how about your parents? "

Louis looked at Andrew and asked.

"Well, my parents have met with Carol's parents. They are now discussing about the details if we have children in the future. They wish the baby to be taken care of by Carol's mother for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and as for the rest four days, the baby will be taken care of by my mother."

Would Andrew tell Louis that it was his mother's idea to set off firecrackers? Of course he would not do so.

"Well, since there is no problem between both sides, this is the best."

John nodded with satisfaction.

"By the way, Sophia, should we inform your parents of your marriage? "

John asked hesitantly. Of course, he knew what had happened to the Sophia's family. To be honest, John certainly didn't want to invite the nominal relatives of Sophia, but no matter what, this was the marriage of Sophia, and it should be decided by herself.

"Grandfather, I have no family. Now only you, Louis, Carol and Andrew, are my family."

There was no bitterness on Sophia's face, no pain in her eyes, and only happiness on her face.

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