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   Chapter 122 Come Home With Me

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Carol ignored the woman.

Of course, she knew that this woman was using her against Sophia. She was just a jealous woman that no one wanted.

"Thank you, Carol. You must attend the wedding."

Standing next to Louis, Sophia looked at Carol.

"Of course I will attend the wedding!"

Carol said smilingly, holding Andrew's hand.

"After all, you and I will be family."

Andrew put his arms around Carol's waist and smiled, but when he looked at the woman who just spoke, his eyes were cold.

Some people just need to be taught a lesson.

After the most sensational event at the party, it ended peacefully. It was not hard to imagine how big a sensation would come on the second day.

"I think my background will be revealed tomorrow."

Sophia said casually, leaning against the back of the chair. She looked a little helpless.

"You don't like it? "

Louis asked on purpose.

"What do you think! Who will like this kind of thing?"

Sophia rolled her eyes.

"Let's go home for dinner tomorrow. Grandpa said he wanted to see you. I said I would take you back tomorrow."

"You should discuss with me about this kind of thing in advance in the future. "

Sophia crossed her arms over her chest and glanced at Louis.

"Okay, okay, I know. I will change it in the future."

Louis nodded, pretending to be serious.

"Well, it's good that you know it."

Sophia waved her hand and began to ponder.

"If we go to your home tomorrow, do I need to prepare some small gifts? "

"No need. It's not a big deal to see Grandpa. He just wants someone to chat with him. I think you will like him."

Louis comforted her with a smile.

"Wow! It's my first time to see your family! It's not as easy as you said!"

Hearing that, Sophia curled her lips. Thinking of her family, she suddenly found that Louis really didn't have the chance to experience the feeling of a son-in-law meeting his wife's parents.

"Don't worry. Carol and Andrew will go with you tomorrow. It seems that Andrew can't sleep well tonight."

"Hasn't Andrew been there before? "

Sophia asked curiously. She thought Carol and Andrew had known each other for a long time, and he must have met Carol's family.

"He has. But now he has a different identity. Grandpa used to like him very much, but that's because he is a good friend of Carol and has a good heart. But now, he is Carol's boyfriend. Grandpa will definitely raise the threshold."

Louis was a little excited. He began to wonder what would happen to John's attitude towards Andrew tomorrow.

"Can you restrain your gloating expression? He is your brother-in-law!"

"Is it obvious? "

Louis looked at Yvette innocently.

"It's very

alking to the cat just now.

"Hello, Grandpa."

Holding her bag in her hand, Sophia bent down and greeted John nervously.

"Well... Have a seat."

John looked Sophia up and down and said calmly.

"You are Sophia, right? Is there anything you don't eat?"

"No. Anything is fine with me."

Sophia didn't expect that John would ask this question first.

"How long have you known Louis?"

John sat upright, and his silver hair was tidy. His eyes revealed shrewdness.

"We have been together for nearly half a year."

As soon as she said it, Sophia was a little stunned. She didn't realize until now that she had known Louis for so long.

"What do you think of Louis?"

John's eyes wandered between the two people, and his left thumb rubbed the ring on his ring finger subconsciously.

"He is good. We love each other very much."

Looking at Louis, Sophia gently held his hand beside her.

"Oh, when are you going to get married and have a baby?"


Sophia looked at John in a daze. She didn't expect that he would change the topic so quickly.

"What? You don't want to get married? Or you don't want a baby? Do you think there is anything that you feel dissatisfied with about Louis? Tell me. I'll help you deal with him."

John leaned forward, looked at Sophia and said anxiously.

"No, Grandpa, we haven't decided yet. I don't think we need to think about marriage so early. We are still young."

Sophia blinked her eyes and said embarrassedly.

"It doesn't matter. I know that young people nowadays all attach great importance to their career. I understand that, but it doesn't conflict with having a baby. If you have a child, I can take care of him for you. I'm good at taking care of children. I brought up Carol by myself."

John said proudly.

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