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   Chapter 121 Didn't You Say You Would Marry Me

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Andrew stammered. The great joy made Andrew almost speechless.

Carol frowned and tightened her grip on Andrew's hand unnaturally.

"Dance well first. Don't talk so much."

She thought she should have a good talk with Andrew. She didn't want Andrew to have any misunderstanding.

"Okay, I won't ask anymore."

Andrew nodded obediently and looked at Carol seriously with gentle eyes.

Her face was getting redder and redder. She wanted to look away, but she was not willing to be stared down.

"Carol, I have something to tell you. Don't be angry."

After a while, Andrew said cautiously.

"Stop it. I'll be angry."

Without any hesitation, she said.

According to Carol's understanding of Andrew, she could figure out what Andrew wanted to say.

"Carol, do you know the power and the political supremacy? "

Andrew asked in another way.

"Yes, I know. So what?"

Without looking at Andrew, Carol retorted Andrew indifferently.

"Carol, you ruin the fun."

Andrew looked at her sadly.

"I lost to you."

She had no choice but to stop dancing and ran out of the dancing floor with Andrew.

The dance floor was very close to the balcony, and there was a thick, dark red curtain on both sides of the balcony, with thin and dense golden tassels falling down.

Holding on to the stone railing on the balcony, she breathed a sigh.

"Andrew, I just want to ask you one question. Do you still want me? "

She turned around and stared at Andrew, clenching her clothes unnaturally.

When she was on the dance floor just now, she was thinking about how to euphemistically express her thoughts to Andrew, and now she asked directly without thinking.

The impact of this sentence was much greater than she had imagined.

A breeze blew on the balcony, but she didn't feel cold at all. Her fingers clenched the corner of her clothes tightly, and her heart beat fast.

"I want you! I want you!"

Andrew was shocked and didn't understand what she meant.

"Andrew, listen to me clearly. I'm with you not because Stephen doesn't want me, but because I find that I've always liked you for so many years!"

Taking a step forward, she grasped Andrew's collar tightly.

"Did you hear it clearly? The man I love is called Andrew! Do you believe me? "

"I believe you! I believe whatever you say!"

Andrew's eyes widened. For the first time, he felt that his efforts over the years had finally blossomed into an unexpected flower.

He had thought that he could only be friends with her for the rest of his life. He had bee

Ning, would you like to marry me? "

Sophia was stunned, and all the people present were stunned. The noisy banquet instantly quieted down. People gathered around the place where the two stood unconsciously, whispering to each other.

"Miss Ning, are you willing to marry me? "

Louis asked again, looking at Sophia quietly. With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, he didn't force or threaten her. He just waited quietly, waiting for his beloved girl to nod and agree to his proposal.

"Marry him! Marry him!"

Carol and Andrew came there. Carol clapped her hands and began to cheer. With a helpless look on his face, Andrew stood by her side and looked at Sophia and Louis with a smile.

"Marry him! Marry him!"

Once someone started to make a cheer, people would always follow him at the same time. Although some girls were unhappy, they didn't dare to say anything at that time.


Sophia nodded and covered her mouth with one hand. Her eyes were slightly red.

Louis picked up the ring and put it on her middle finger.

"This is an engagement ring. I'll give you a wedding ring in a few days."

Louis] kissed her fingers and put his arm around her waist.

"A few days later will come my wedding day with Miss Ning. At that time, the invitation will be sent to your mansion. Welcome to come to my our wedding."

Louis said to the people around him.

Leaning against Louis's chest, Sophia enjoyed the most unique moment in her life.

"Congratulations. Wish you a happy married life."

Carol clapped her hands and congratulated.

"Miss Lu, you are so generous. Louis is your fiance, but you are so happy to congratulate his wedding with another woman."

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