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   Chapter 119 How Carol Met Andrew For The First Time

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"Mr. Lu came at the right time. How did you know that we are going to dance? "

Louis came here quickly. Ten minutes after he hung up the phone, he arrived at the party.

Seeing Louis, Carol still held Andrew's hand and didn't want to take it back.

"Really? It seems that I have made it."

Louis smiled and naturally held Sophia's waist.

"You look gorgeous today."

Louis whispered in her ear.

"You are beautiful in usual, but today's beauty is different from other times."

Sophia pinched Louis's waist rudely.

"How sweet you are!"

"Honey, are you praising me? "

Louis frowned in pain.

It was said that women liked to hear praises, wasn't it? 'I'm just praising her. Why is my little hedgehog still angry?' he thought.

"How many girls have you lied to? "

Louis understood what she meant.

"I swear to God that you are the only one."

Louis tried hard not to show his pain on his face.

"Ha ha."

Carol laughed unkindly, and Louis immediately cast a glance at her.

"Don't look at me. I didn't do anything."

Carol shrugged her shoulders and smirked.

"Sophia, let me tell you something. The sweeter his words are, the more unbelievable he can't be trusted. You must interrogate him!"

"Carol! Shut up!"

Louis gritted his teeth and growled.

"Well, Mr. Lu, you enjoy yourselves. I saw Carol's favorite cake over there just now. I'll take her to eat it first."

Andrew was afraid that Carol would cause more trouble, so he took her to the food section.

"I think they two are a good match."

Leaning against Louis's chest, Sophia looked at the two figures standing beside the cakes and said.

"Andrew is good. He has great potential."

Louis nodded.

He knew Andrew. Since Andrew grew up with Carol, Louis had investigated him thoroughly.

Her family was good and he was reliable, capable and talented. He was still young and needed to accumulate experience, but his calm personality was much better than other peers.

"Did Carol tell you that Andrew had chased her? "

Louis held Sophia in his arms and asked.

"No, but I can see that."

Sophia said with a smile.

"After all, I have experienced a lot."

Louis raised his hand and rubbed her head.

"Then she

such a firm thought, Carol took Andrew home without hesitation, because Andrew said that the evidence could only be presented in a place that could keep it secret.

Where she could keep it secret was her own room.

When Andrew arrived at her room, he got goose bumps when he saw everywhere was pink.

Her mother said that boys liked pink. So his room was also decorated pink by his mother.

But Carol was not a boy. Why was her room also pink?

Andrew muttered to himself.

"Well, show me the evidence."

Carol sat on the bed casually and waved at Andrew.

Hesitant, Andrew walked up to Carol and said, "My mother said that I can't show this evidence to others casually. If I show it to you, you can't tell others."

"Don't worry! I won't tell anyone!"

Carol jumped off the bed and said seriously.

"And we are friends! Rest assured!"

"Okay, look, this is the evidence."

Andrew blushed and took off his pants.

"By the way, how old are you? "

Carol looked at Andrew.

"Me? I'm four years old."

Andrew was stunned and stretched out four fat fingers.

"I'm also four years old!"

Carol said in a hurry. Her fat face was full of confusion.

"Why do you still have it? "

"Ah! I see!"

She clapped her hands and said excitedly.

"I know what's wrong with you! You still have it. This must be the reason why you are sick! Your mother lied to you because she was afraid that you would be sad if you knew the truth. In fact, you are a little girl."

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