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   Chapter 118

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The two of them walked out of the cafe, giggling. No one noticed that at the other table behind them, a man had listened attentively to the whole process of the two people's conversation.

"Mr. Song, I have prepared the audio file and will send it to you soon."

The man picked up his phone and dialed Stephen's number.

"Okay, send it to me."

The man took out the computer from his bag and skillfully transferred the documents from the recorder pen. It was obvious that he was skilled.

"The money has been transferred to you. Besides, I don't want a third person to know about it."

Stephen looked at the words "successful transmission" on the computer and frowned.

"Don't worry. I've been working in this industry for a long time. You know, we follow the rules, and I'm the most disciplined person."

The man looked at the message that the money had been sent to him on the screen and smiled with satisfaction.

Before he could finish his words, a busy tone came from the other end of the phone.

"You really think of yourself as an important man."

The man hung up the phone and curled his lips with disdain.

Stephen opened the audio file and frowned more tightly.

"That person would also appear at the banquet. I'll introduce him to you then."

"Now I think he is a good man."

What Carol had said echoed in Stephen's ears.

Who was he?

Stephen felt a pain in his heart.

Did he love Carol?

He didn't know.

But Stephen knew clearly that he had been used to enjoying the chasing and love of Carol for so many years.

Now she didn't love him anymore.

It was the result he had always expected, but when it was displayed in front of him, he felt uncomfortable.

Stephen was confused.

He said that he didn't love her, but every time he met something related to her, he would unconsciously care about her. He said that he hoped that she could stay away from him, but every time she was not by his side, he would find all kinds of ways to monitor her.

Stephen had always been a rational and calm man, but when he met with Carol, he became like another person.

Stephen didn't hesitate for a long time. When he stood at the door of the banquet, he felt a little awkward.

There were a lot of work to do in the company, but when it was time for the banquet, he changed his clothes and went to it.

Standing in front of the door, he saw young men and women. This party was not as dull as other business banquets. This was the world of young people.

Stephen suddenly felt that he was so incompatible with everything around him.

Where was she?

Subconsciously, Stephen began to look for Carol in the crowd.

The girls gathered in groups of three to five and d

about this thing without reservation.

"Sophia, my brother will be here soon. You can play with us now. There are many interesting people in this party."

Carol was wearing a delicate short dress, and her smooth long legs were exposed. Her wild beauty style was displayed.

"It doesn't matter. You two just go and play. I can walk around by myself."

Sophia waved her hand, trying to leave some private space for the two.

"No way. My brother asked me to take good care of you. I can't break my words."

Carol refused directly.

"Miss Ning has just arrived in the imperial capital city, and you may not know much about this city. You'd better play with us."

Andrew adjusted his eyeglasses, took a drink from the tray in the waiter's hand and handed it to Carol. He turned his head and asked, "Miss Ning, what would you like to drink? "

"Juice is good."

Sophia took the juice from Andrew and thanked him with a smile.

"Miss Ning, you should be careful before Mr. Lu comes. Don't drink drinks given by others."

Andrew said in a soft voice with a gentle smile on his face, and so did Carol. It seemed that Andrew had just said something funny.

"Okay, I know."

Of course, Sophia understood what the two of them meant. She responded them with a smile on her face.

She knew there were all kinds of people. She was clear about the dirty things in the upper class.

Louis called and told her that he was on the way. He asked Sophia to wait for him. The three of them just stood there and chatted, waiting for Louis to come.

Andrew knew a lot. According to Carol, every time she was angry, unhappy, or had a quarrel with Stephen, she would go to Andrew, and Andrew would take her around to go shopping and play. She didn't expect that Andrew would become good at tour guiding then.

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