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   Chapter 117 There Are Many Good Men In The World

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"Sophia, I can't call you sister-in-law in front of others because your relationship with Louis can't be exposed now. Don't be angry with me."

Holding Sophia's arm, Carol said with a smile.

"It's okay."

Sophia really didn't mind. Although she was a little pleased, she was more embarrassed by that address.

"Let's go. I know a great coffee shop nearby. It's my treat."

After putting the things into the car, Carol held Sophia's hand and walked into the coffee shop.

"Carol, I have a question to ask you."

Sophia stirred the coffee in her hand, supporting her chin with one hand.

It was near noon. The sun was shining brightly. Beside was a huge French window, and there were green plants outside for customers to avoid direct eye contact with the pedestrians. The sunlight sprinkled on the body, making people feel comfortable and want to sleep.

Without saying a word, Carol quietly looked at Sophia. The short hair on the side of her ear obediently slid down her cheeks, and the delicate earrings on her ears were shining in the sun.

"Okay, go ahead."

After a long while, Carol raised her hand and tucked her hair behind her ear and repeated this movement for two times.

There were cocoons on her fingers.

Unlike the hands of most rich ladies who were raised in a noble family, Carol's hands was different. Her ten slender fingers were covered with thin calluses.

Because of work?

This reason was denied by Sophia as soon as it came out.

Carol was the only daughter of the Lu Family. She was spoiled, coaxed by the whole family. It was impossible for her to do heavy work.

Then the answer would be clear.

As Carol had said before, she was from the same training background as Louis, so she guessed that the cocoon must have been left when Carol studied at that time

"I'm confused."

Sophia chuckled, breaking the awkward atmosphere just now.

"Can you tell me something about Louis? I really don't know him very well when he was a child. "

Sophia frowned.

"We are boyfriend and girlfriend, but I don't know anything about his past. It makes me very sad."

"You shouldn't have asked me."

Carol smiled.

"You should ask my brother. If you ask, he will definitely tell you."

Her eyes were full of expectation.

"Have a cup of freshly made hot coffee with your lover while recalling what happened in your childhood. It's a wonderful thing."

"Yes, you are right."

Perhaps Sophia was moved by the expectation in the eyes of Carol, or by her description, she suddenly began to imagine the scene like Carol did.

"Sophia, it's so good to have a man who really loves you."

The smile on Carol's face became brighter.

"My brothe

All of a sudden, Carol wanted to smoke.

"Maybe it's because I said I liked him and wanted to marry him since I was a child. I said it more often and it became an obsession. I mistook obsession for love and felt that I was so stupid at that time."

"Obsession and love?"

Sophia Murmured.

"As for love, who can be so clear about it?"

Sophia didn't know what she was afraid of. Looking at the woman in front of her, she suddenly felt that the only thing she did better than this girl was that she could clearly know her feelings.

Just like now, Sophia knew her feelings clearly and realized that she really fell in love with Louis.

There was no need to argue about this. Even if William came back and stood in front of her, smiled and opened his arms to her, saying, "Sophia, I'm back" one day, her love for Louis wouldn't change.

She knew clearly that she didn't love William anymore.

Sophia sighed.

Things had changed a lot. When Sophia first met Louis, she didn't expect that the two of them would have this deep relationship.

"It depends. Why don't we just abandon the relationship as soon as possible if it makes us unhappy?"

Sophia took a sip of coffee and leaned back in the chair with a smile.

"There are a lot of good men in the world. So, Carol, go find your happiness."

"Ha ha, of course!"

While Carol stirred the coffee, a figure flashed through her mind. It was a face different from Stephen's.

"There is really someone I want to introduce to you."

Carol said.

"He will come to the party, then I'll introduce him to you."


Sophia nodded.

"Well, where are we going next? "

"Of course we are going to have fun!"

Carol's eyes lit up.

"Is there no problem with your work? "

"Don't worry. There will be no problem!"

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