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   Chapter 116 Rivals In Love

Love Tricks: Trap A Sweetie By You Xi Characters: 8716

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"Sophia, do you see the three girls over there? "


Sophia, who obviously felt the excitement of Carol, had a bad feeling.

"Those are your rivals in love."

Her hunch was right.

This girl's excitement was completely confusing.

"Well, so..."

Sophia frowned.

"What? Do you want to rush over and declare your sovereignty now or wait until they come to provoke you? "

Carol looked at Sophia and asked innocently.

"We shouldn't care about them. I won't provoke them unless they attack me."

Sophia was a little helpless. She didn't expect that there would be such a troublesome sister-in-law.

"You are right. But you have to be prepared. These three girls have big breasts but are brainless. They will definitely come to make trouble."

Carol put the clothes into Sophia's arms.

"Sophia, try this on. I think it's more beautiful than the one you are wearing."

Sophia was stunned and didn't know what was going on in Carol's mind.

"Go get changed, Sophia. I'll wait for you."

After pushing Sophia into the fitting room, Carol glanced at the three women again and then turned her attention to the clothes in front of her.

Carol had a hunch that these three women would definitely come to create trouble.

"Miss Lu, long time no see."

The three people saw Carol and came to greet her.

"Miss Lu, are you alone? "

One of the three asked as she glanced around and didn't see anyone else.

"No, I came here with Sophia."

With her chin slightly raised, she still didn't get up from her seat.

These three people didn't deserve her standing up to greet them.

"Sophia Ning? I heard her name for the first time. "

The girl with curly hair said in a sweet voice, with two dimples on her cheeks. She looked very cute.

"Haven't you heard of it before? "

Carol asked.

"Then you must know Louis, right?"

When hearing Louis, the three looked at each other.

Everyone knew that Carol and Louis were engaged.

Although the two of them hadn't explained it personally, the two of them had come to public activities many times and behaved intimately, which had become a well-known fact.

However, as long as the two of them didn't hold a wedding ceremony, it meant that others still had a chance.

Louis was a rich young man with a promising career. Even in terms of appearance, he was not inferior to those male stars on TV, and even far superior to them in temperament. For women, Louis was a perfect man that they didn't want to miss.

Everyone tried their best to seduce Louis, but Louis remained unmoved.

Many women were not stopped

mature, you can start your own company."

With a faint smile on her face, Sophia held Lu Carol's hand and said, "Carol, let's go to pay the bill."


With a smile, Carol picked up the clothes she liked and walked to the counter with Sophia.

"What does she mean by having her own company? In my opinion, it's just a small company at most. How dare she say that?"

Bella was angry. What Sophia said just now meant that she relied on her family and she didn't have any capability.

"She looks so arrogant. I really don't know what Mr. Lu is thinking."

Women could always be united unprecedentedly when dealing with their rivals in love.

"Claire, what do you think of this woman? "


Claire shrugged.

"But if it was said by Carol, it must be true. She may indeed be Louis's fiancee."

After a pause, Claire continued, "After all, neither Carol nor Louis has admitted that they are engaged. Now Carol has admitted that Sophia is Louis's fiancee. Maybe Louis wants Carol to tell us about it, and he might make an announcement later."

"Ridiculous! She doesn't deserve Mr. Lu!"

Bella was in a rage.

In terms of family background and appearance, she had always thought she was the best and had always put herself in the position of Louis's wife. Now that an unknown woman came to take her position, and she didn't allow it to happen.

Seeing Bella's expression, Claire frowned and wanted to remind her. But she opened her mouth and swallowed the words in the end. She wanted to tell Bella that this woman was not that simple.

But Claire knew clearly that even if she told her, Bella wouldn't listen to her.

'Well, anyway, Bella should change her temper, '

Claire thought to herself.

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