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   Chapter 115 I Really Decide To Let You Go

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"Okay, okay, I know!"

Carol waved her hand.

"Why do you talk like Stephen now? You chatter every day. Aren't you afraid that you will get old soon?"

"If I were Stephen, I will be very happy."

Louis felt helpless.

He was sure that he could compare himself with Stephen. He had no confidence in doing so.

After all, a man of forty or fifty years old, with a face of a twenty-year-old boy, would make people envious and awkward.

It had to be said that even if Stephen wore the school uniform, no one would feel anything wrong when he sneaked into the high school.

"Well, you are drunk. I will send you home to have a rest first."

Stephen suddenly felt a pain in his chest. He stood up, walked to Carol and reached out to help her up.

"Send me home? I'm not drunk. I'm going back to the company."

Carol pushed Stephen away.

"Just send me back to the company. You don't know about me at all."

She picked up her bag and waved at Sophia with a smile.

"Sophia, I'm leaving now. Call me when you miss me. Louis, remember to tell my phone number to her."

"Okay. Be careful on the way,"

Sophia stood up and said with a smile.

After they got into the car, Stephen started the car. While Stephen was driving, she sat on the back seat and closed her eyes. He didn't know if she was really asleep or just taking a nap.

No one spoke, and the silence in the air was somewhat terrible.

All of a sudden, Stephen felt that the air in the car became thin, and he felt hard to breathe.

Stephen then raised his hand and turned on the music. It seemed that some sounds in the car could relieve his suffocating chest.

The melodious melody of Daily Growing flowed slowly.

It seemed to fit in or not.

"When is the party you mentioned? "

Stephen didn't know how to open his mouth, but he still asked the question he wanted to ask the most.

The question he wanted to ask most?

Stephen was stunned.

"Three days later. It should be the evening three days later."

The long silence made Stephen think that she had fallen asleep for a long time before she heard her reply.

"Well, have a good time."

Stephen opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he didn't know where to start. At last, he just wished her to have fun.

Stephen glanced at her in the rearview mirror. Her face turned red after drinking. Her eyes were closed, and most of her face was covered by her fluffy short hair, which made her look more obedient and fragile than usual.

"Many times, I noticed his cuteness."

"How long have I been staring at him alone?"

"He is still young, but he is growing up."

It was a light melody, but it annoyed her for no reason.

Stephen's words reflected the lyrics, which made Carol angry for no reason.

"Are you happy, Stephen?"

She didn't open her eyes and her cheeks were still flushing. However, she gave off a sense of coldness from th

a pause, she seemed to think of something. Her eyes lit up and she said, "By the way, have you ever fought with a bitch? "

Hearing that, Sophia was stunned. She looked at the excited eyes of Carol and found that there was something different in her eyes.

Carol was well educated since she was young. Why would she say those dirty words so naturally?

But... when Carol started this topic, she also felt excited.

"Yes, I have."

She looked at Sophia with an unreadable look in her eyes.

"I'm looking forward to it."

Carol blinked her eyes.

"Don't worry, Sophia. You don't have to worry about anything when you meet some bitches. You can scold them as you like. If they want to hurt you, I will be the first one to help you beat them down. In this regard, I have never been afraid of anyone."

'Come on, Carol. Can we settle down? I just want to establish a good relationship with them and build a harmonious foundation, ' thought Sophia.

After parking the car, they walked into the shopping mall hand in hand.

"Let's go, Sophia. Let's pick the most expensive one and buy the best one. Today is a good chance to rip Louis off," said Carol with a smile.

Inside the bag, there was the card given by Louis. Suddenly, she felt a little more confident and proud.

Was this the vanity of a woman?

Sophia laughed. She didn't expect herself to have that kind of inexplicable vanity after experiencing so much.

Apparently, Carol was more skillful at choosing dresses than Sophia. After a short while, she picked out a few clothes from the rows of dazzled clothes and handed them to Sophia.

"Sophia, try these on. I think the color matches you."

Sophia nodded, took the clothes and walked into the dressing room.

When she came out again, she saw Carol looking at a shop next door.

When she saw Sophia, she quickly walked up to her. Instead of praising Sophia's beautiful clothes, she was strangely excited.

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