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   Chapter 113 Sophia Met Carol

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Along the way, almost all the employees ran out to greet Louis, and their eyes secretly glanced at Sophia.

All of a sudden, she felt that it was lucky that she had attended a press conference before. Otherwise, these eyes would be enough to make her unable to walk.

When she arrived at Louis's office, she felt her face stiff.

"Next time! Please don't do that again."

Sophia rubbed her face and sat on the sofa in the office without hesitation.

"Knock, knock."

Startled, Sophia took her hand off her face and put it on her legs obediently.

"Come in."

Louis said in a low voice.

"President Lu, this is the summary and detailed accounts of the company these days."

A female secretary walked into the office with a document in her hand. Her wine red curly hair fell over her shoulder, and the black professional exuded the charm of abstinence. The corners of her eyes were slightly raised, and there was a black mole under it. She looked like a fox, lazy and smart.

"I see."

He paused.

"Where is Hans now?" ...

"Hans is now in his office sorting out the cooperative projects of the company these days. Do you need me to call him over for you?" ...

The female secretary turned her head slightly and asked. Her wine red hair fell from her ear.

"No. By the way, Find time to dye your hair back to black."

Ada frowned slightly.

"President Lu, I don't think my hair color will affect my work."

"But your boss doesn't like it."

Louis said with a frown.

"Boss, power politics won't come to a good end."

Ada's words were shocking, and Sophia, who was sitting aside looked surprised.

The appearance of Ada gave Sophia e a sense of insecurity.

Of course, Sophia knew that there were many beautiful women around Louis. But she had always thought that Louis only had an assistant, Hans. She didn't expect that Louis had such an attractive female secretary.

"Well, you can keep your color, but I want you to double the sales."

Ada's face froze.

'Don't you think I'm not busy enough?'

"I see, boss. If there is nothing else, I will go to work."

After taking a look at Sophia, Ada nodded as a greeting, turned around and left.

Like almost all the women in love, Sophia rushed to Louis, slapped on the table and stared at him.

"Go ahead. I'll give you one minute to explain."

"I'm innocent."

Louis said solemnly, raising one hand.

"Okay, go on."

Sophia nodded, unmoved.

"Well, I admit that she did want to chase me at the beginning."

Louis nodded and suddenly felt that he was excellent.

Louis raised his head and took a stealthy glance at Sophia. When he saw the indifferent look on her face, he felt inexplicably happy.

Maybe he should talk more about his personal charm with Sophia in the future. In this way, his little hedgehog might have

greasy food? The roast pork here tastes good. You can have a try."

Carol said, relieving the embarrassment of Sophia. She picked up the kettle on the table and filled their cups with water.

Carol liked drinking, but she couldn't hold her liquor. She always ordered sweet fruit wine.

The fruit wine here was homemade. It tasted good, but had a strong impact.

"Sophia, I think you can try this."

Regardless of Sophia's resistance, Carol ordered a small bottle of fruit wine for her.

"It's really delicious!"

Although Carol was expressionless, her eyes were shining.

Looking at the fruit wine with sweet and greasy smell that was poured into the glass by Carol, Sophia swallowed unconsciously.

The color of the wine was tempting.

Sophia didn't resist the temptation. She carefully took the wine handed over by Carol and took a sip.

"Is it good?!"

Carol keenly noticed a flash of light in Sophia's eyes.


After the two women finished two glasses of wine, their faces turned red at the same time. They ignored Louis and began to chat passionately.

When they were having a good chat, Sophia sat next to Carol.

Sophia looked at Carol with admiration and expressed her admiration for her figure.

"I used to have abdominal muscles, but now they disappeared."

Sophia pinched her belly.

"It's okay. It feels good. I like it."

Louis cut in.

"Shut up! What do you know?"

Unexpectedly, before Louis finished his words, the two women turned their heads and glared at him, shouting in unison.

Louis] felt that his face turned dark. He began to regret taking Sophia to have dinner with Carol.

"Sophia, listen to me. Don't listen to these men! If you have a baby with my brother in the future, your belly will change all of a sudden. By that time, you can't even wear bare midriff! So you should exercise more when you are young!"

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