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   Chapter 112 The Truth Of Louis's Engagement To Carol

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"I want to cause a sensation, so that the whole world will know that you are my wife."

Louis thought for a while and suddenly felt that he had never wanted to prove his ownership of a thing or a person to the whole world like this before.

"By the way, what are you going to do with the engagement to Miss Lu?" ...

Looking at Louis, Sophia gritted her teeth.

"I don't want to explain it."

Louis rested his chin on his hand and looked at Sophia with great interest. Seeing the angry look on his little hedgehog's face, he smiled.

"You don't want to explain?!" ...

Sophia was so angry that she wanted to slap Louis in the face.

"We didn't announce our engagement at the beginning. It was all reported by the entertainment companies. Neither I nor Carol have never admitted our engagement. It was just a groundless rumor, so there is nothing to explain."

Louis felt a little innocent.

"What's more, your appearance is the best explanation."

Indeed, at the beginning, no matter it was Louis or Louis's grandfather, they did not try to use the fake marriage to divert external attention.

But after what happened later, they didn't bother to explain. After weighing the pros and cons, they thought that the advantages were greater than the disadvantages, so they simply didn't admit or deny it. It was also because of this ambiguous attitude that the media reported the love relationship between Louis and Carol.

"By the way... What did you do to make such a rumor?" ...

Looking at Louis's roguish look, she felt a little helpless and was curious about what had happened before.

"I remember that she asked me out for dinner. Because it was Stephen's birthday in two days, she wanted to dress up and celebrate his birthday. So she asked me to go shopping with her, pick clothes and buy gifts. I didn't have anything else to do that day, so I went with her."

Louis] answered after thinking for a while. Then he looked at Sophia.

"Do you still remember Stephen?" ...

Of course, Sophia remembered Stephen. How could she forget the man she had seen on the cruise ship at that time? Stephen's handsome face and gentle temperament were like a warm spring breeze for ordinary people. People might not be able to tell which spring breeze he was, but they would never forget the feeling of the spring breeze passing by.

Looking at the expression of Sophia, Louis couldn't help but feel a little jealous.

"Hey! Stop thinking about it! He's already more than 40 years old. You'd better pay attention to the handsome young man in front of you. "

Looking at Louis, Sophia raised her hand and pinched his face.

"Alas... I wish he were ten years younger..."

Louis's face darkened when he saw the expression on Sophia's face.

"Sophia! Hey! Look at me!"


Miss Lu likes Mr. Stephen?" ...

Sophia asked with great interest.


Louis rubbed her hair.

"Do you think Mr. Stephen likes Miss Lu?" ...

With a gossipy look on her face, Sophia approached Louis and didn't mind his action of rubbing her hair just now.

"HMM... I won't tell you."

Louis opened his mouth. Just when Sophia thought he would tell her something shocking, Louis changed the subject and pretended to be mysterious.


Sophia rolled her eyes.

"Fine, fine. If you don't want to tell me, then go wash the dishes."

"We can discuss it later! How about we wash the dishes together?" ...

"Go and wash the dishes."

Ignoring Louis's whine, Sophia turned around and went upstairs mercilessly.

On the second day, Sophia went to the company with Louis.

The news that the CEO was back to the company had been spread to the whole company, and everyone was ready to welcome him back.

The car stopped at the gate of the company. Louis didn't care how much sensation his appearance had caused. He bowed to open the door and took Sophia out of the car.

Sophia had her bangs cut and wore a make-up to cover the scars on her forehead. The navy blue dress wrapped her petite figure, making her look sexier.

The moment Sophia got out of the car, the whole company was shocked. Everyone's eyes became fiery, and they all looked excited.

"Why are you so high-profile?"

Sophia said in a low voice.

"I like it. It's none of your business."

Louis whispered in her ear as he approached her.

With a decent smile on her face, Sophia held Louis's arm, but her eyes were full of helplessness.

All of a sudden, Sophia found that it was lucky that she had the experience of managing the Ning Group before. Otherwise, she would make a fool of herself just by walking from the gate of the company to the office.

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