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   Chapter 75 The Most Serious Promise

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"Yes, please trust me. I won't joke about my father's reputation."

Hearing Assistant Qin's words, Sophia trembled slightly and said seriously without hesitation.

"Would you like to believe me?"

Sophia looked at Assistant Qin. She trusted her, but that didn't mean Assistant Qin trusted her.

"You know what? Your father and I were classmates in college. I used to like him."

Assistant Qin took off her black-framed glasses and smiled at Sophia.

"Do you mind if I smoke?"

"No, No. please go ahead."

Sophia waved her hands with curiosity on her face. Assistant Qin was holding a cigarette with her slender fingers, and her whole body had an indescribable charm. Looking at the black frame glasses that assistant Qin casually put on the table, Sophia thought of Stephen who she had seen on the cruise ship at that time.

Stephen also had a pair of wide rimmed glasses on his face, but different from Assistant Qin's, the glasses didn't make people look old-fashioned at all. On the contrary, they added the scholar spirit to Stephen, and also had the effect of reducing age. Assistant Qin's glasses didn't have the effect of beautifying at all, but made her face look ordinary.

"What do you think of me? Am I good-looking?"

Assistant Qin raised her eyebrows. She was nearly forty years old, but she was still charming. The charm of a mature woman was particularly good on her. Because of the cover of the black frame glasses, Sophia had never noticed that Assistant Qin's features were particularly sharp, not like the softness of a Chinese girl, but with a heroic spirit. It was not difficult to tell that she must be a beauty when she was young.

"There might be something wrong with my father's taste."

Sophia chose to suspect her dear father. In her opinion, Assistant Qin might not be as rich as Linda, but in other places, she was better than Linda in every aspect.

"Silly girl."

Sophia's words won Assistant Qin's favor. She chuckled, took a deep drag on her cigarette and looked more beautiful in the smoke.

Natasha, also known as Assistant Qin, was aloof and stubborn by nature. She was always stubborn about one thing. That was why she never gave up pursuing Alex, and she was not married.

Natasha was two years younger than Alex. They were brother and sister in the same major and knew each other in the same community. After graduation, she did not choose any other position with rich salary and joined the Ning Group without hesitation, which was still a small company at that time.

Gradually, the Ning Group began to rise to fame, but in the face of market pressure, Alex had chosen a commercial marriage with Linda.

"Natasha, you are a capable woman. You don't have to be with me all the time."

Alex had never responded to her love. He thought that his indifference and refusal could make her give up the relationship. They could be good friends, but their relationship could only stop there as friends.

"Don't think

ved that no matter what, Linda should be responsible for her daughters.

It was true that Linda was responsible for her daughter and even wanted to give the position of CEO to her daughter.

But Natasha didn't expect that Sansa was not the daughter of Alex.

Even if Natasha had known that earlier, so what? At that time, there hadn't been any advantage to Sophia. For Natasha, it didn't matter whether Ning Group was under the control of Alex's daughter or not. Her goal was to take good care of Ning Group and let Ning Group thrive.

Therefore, even if Sophia was the real daughter of Alex, if she didn't have the ability, Natasha still didn't agree to her holding the position, because even if Sansa was an idiot, at least she had Linda and Galen behind her.

But now the situation was different. She saw the hope in Sophia, and she felt the persistence in this girl. Sophia wanted to avenge her father and take back the Ning Group. She also had the same hope as her which was to make the Ning Group more brilliant.

When Natasha came to her senses, she took a drag on her cigarette.

She thought it was time to choose her team.

Without saying anything more to Sophia, Natasha stood up straightforwardly, opened her drawer, and took out a document from the bottom. It was the investigation record of Linda and Galen. For so many years, she had never given up her surveillance on these two people. Sometimes she looked at the document, and she didn't know why she did it. Now it seemed that these things could finally be used.

"Here you are. I think you will use it."

After handing the document to Sophia, Natasha smiled and put on her glasses again.

"I want the Ning Group to be prosperous, not as lifeless and weak as it is now. If you can realize my wish, I will try my best to help you. If you can't, I will still protect the foundation left by your father in my way."

"Okay, I promise."

Taking over the document, Sophia made her most serious promise.

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