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   Chapter 74 Secret Of Identity

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"Mom, it's okay. We will live a happy life,"

William held his mother's hand and said.

"My child, I know your father's health very well. To be honest, I really want your father to pass away as soon as possible. It's better to live there than to suffer here. Look at your father now. He is covered with tubes all over his body. He doesn't look like a person at all. He is a living person. But now he looks like a machine."

Mrs. Si's eyes were red, tears rolling down, and her shoulders were trembling.


William hugged his mother. He just found that his words were so powerless at this time.

"William, you've grown up. Your father can't do anything now. Some time ago, when your father was still able to speak, we discussed to tell you something. It was supposed to be your father who told you this in person, but he can't do anything now, so I have to be the one to tell you."

William's mother looked at him and sighed.

"Child, in fact, your surname is not Si at all. Your father and I were in poor health when we were young, and the doctor said that we couldn't have a child. Therefore, we decided to adopt a child. At that time, you were only three years old. It was winter, and it just snowed. Your father and I took you home."

William was stunned and his mind went blank.

"Mom, what are you talking about?! I think you have been under too much pressure these days. Are you dreaming of these messy things?"

William's mother didn't say anything, but held his hand more tightly. This matter was like a heavy burden, weighing heavily on her heart all the time. Now that she spoke it out, the previous panic immediately disappeared, and her whole body seemed to be a little relaxed.

"The adoption procedures in the past are all here. You have grown up and have the right to make your own choice. After your father left, everything of the Si Family is still yours. Child, I have watched you grow up. From now on, no matter you recognize me as your mother or not, I'm satisfied."

Mrs. Si took out a tiny kraft paper bag from her pocket, in which there were several folded papers, whose color faded a little.

"You've grown up and you can take the path you want. Besides, you have the ability to find your biological parents. In that case, I won't stop you."

Under the huge impact, William was unexpectedly calm. During this period of time, he seemed to have experienced all the bitterness and sweetness in his life. William silently took the kraft paper bag from his mother's hand and threw it directly on the table without doing anything else.

"Mom, it's late now. You can go to bed."

In front of such a fact, what else could William say? He just wanted to light a cigarette alone and have a good rest.

William's mother looked at him worriedly. She moved her lips, but finally said nothing. She closed the door and went out.

Like all the adopted children who knew the truth, William's first reaction was t

ents in her hands.

Without saying anything, Sophia held the documents in her arms and found a chair to sit on to read them again. She kept writing and drawing, and gradually got immersed again.

Assistant Qin's document at hand was almost finished, and it was quickly handled. Seeing that Sophia frowned, Assistant Qin finally had a smile on her face. When she handed the document to the employees and went back to her room, she found that Sophia was still the same.

Assistant Qin didn't call her and continued to do other things. More than an hour later, when Sophia got her mind out of the documents, she looked up at Assistant Qin and found that her face softened and her eyes were not as mean as before.

"Miss Qin, do you have time now?"

Sophia quickly stood up with the documents in her arms.

"Well, you don't need to move. I'll go there. If you have any questions, just ask me."

By the time Assistant Qin helped Sophia figure out all the problems, the sky had become dim, but the atmosphere between the two had undergone an extreme change. Assistant Qin now regarded Sophia as her child.

"I still remember that when you were a child, your father often took you to the company. At that time, our company was still small. But everyone in the company was very capable and enthusiastic. When they came to work every day, you could see that everyone was full of vitality. Now the company is getting bigger, but I always feel that something is missing."

Sitting opposite Sophia, Assistant Qin looked out of the window and sighed.

"Sophia, it's about the family affairs of Alex and I know should asked. But now I want to ask you one more question. I hope you can answer me honestly. Is the DNA test of Sansa you gave at the last shareholders' meeting true?"

The expression on Assistant Qin's face suddenly became serious, and the gentleness she had just turned into sharpness. Through her glasses, she looked straight into the eyes of Sophia.

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