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   Chapter 54 The Secret

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Vivi's call was more rare than that of Joey's. Since the wedding, Vivi had never contacted with Sophia. Sophia had called her many times, but the other party either didn't answer or directly hung up.

Sophia felt ashamed. Her roar to Joey met Vivi in accident. She apologized, "Vivi, I'm sorry. I thought it was that annoying person."

With a bitter smile, Vivi said, "I'm going to be the one you hate!"

Sophia said embarrassedly, "No, no. What are you thinking about? I thought you would hate me because of my self-assertion."

There was no sound on the other end of the phone again. Even Sophia doubted if she had said something wrong, but even if she had said something wrong, Vivi was not so touchy.

After a moment of silence, Vivi sighed slightly, "Sophia, since things have happened, it's useless for me to stop you, right? So I have thought a lot and haven't contacted you all the time, just because I don't know if I will complain about your decision when I meet you."

"It's okay, Vivi. Just complain! I have no objection! "

"Now that you have made up your mind, what else can I do besides blessing you?"

Hearing this, Sophia looked calm on the surface, but she was almost crazy with joy in her heart. She rarely had friends, and Vivi was one of the few friends she could trust. When she heard that the other party was not entangled with her almost brainless decision, she was overjoyed.

"Vivi, let's go out for dinner. You don't know that a lot of things have happened recently, and I'm about to blow up. I just want to talk to you."

"Uh..." Vivi was in a dilemma.

"What's wrong? Don't you have time? How about tomorrow? Or you can decide the time and place. I will attend the banquet regardless of any obstruction. " Sophia jumped excitedly.

"In fact, I called you today not only to remove some misunderstandings between us, but also for another important thing... Someone wants to see you! " Vivi was an introverted and shy girl. Now she spoke with shyness, as if she had made a big decision to say it.

Sophia had been friends with Vivi for many years, so she must have noticed what Vivi was worried about. Although she was confused, she still answered righteously, "Who wants to see me? Why does he have to bother you to lead the way? It's too indirect. Is he afraid of me?"

"William, he wants to see you!"

This sentence was like a thunder, smashing away all the joy and excitement in Sophia's heart, leaving only a faint buzz in her ears.

"Sophia, Sophia, are you listening?"

She didn't know how long she had stunned before she was pulled back to reality by Vivi's shout on the other end of the phone.

"I'm listening, Vivi. I'm just a little confused. He has hands and feet. Why does he need you to inform me when he wants to see me? I'm just married and I'm not under house arrest

r from her bag, quickly wrote down a number on the paper and handed it to Vivi. "Vivi, I can't stay here for a long time because of some special circumstances. I'm afraid it's not appropriate for you to take care of him alone. If you call this number, someone will pick him up."

"But..." Confused, Vivi was about to ask, but was interrupted by Sophia.

"My current situation is of great importance. Staying here is easy to cause trouble. Call the number. This is the best choice for you, for me, and for him."

"If you don't take care of him, who else can take care of him?" Seeing that Sophia was about to leave, Vivi grabbed her hand and asked worriedly, "Whose phone number is this?"

"Who else can it be? Sansa Ni... No, Sansa Gao, his wife! " Sophia gnashed her teeth and said the name.

"He told me when he was drunk, but..."

"No buts!" Sophia interrupted Vivi and said, "I don't know what he has told you, but I have nothing to do with him now!"

It seemed that Sophia couldn't control her emotions. She trembled slightly and looked at William with burning eyes, "The woman who married him used to be my sister, twin sister, but now they are conspiring against me. Vivi, I advise you not to get involved in this mess any more. Stay away from him. He is no longer the former William."

Speaking of this, Sophia's eyes were a little wet. She tried to control her emotions, but her mind was like turning on the time machine. Scenes that had happened between her and William constantly appeared and could not be erased.

"Do you know that there might be a secret hidden in it?"

"A secret? What's the secret? " Sophia raised her head slightly to avoid the tears from falling from her eyes. "You don't know the scene I saw. It's dirty and filthy. They are planning to have a baby. What else do you think there is? The biggest secret is to hide it from us. Do you know?"

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