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   Chapter 53 A Call From Vivi

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"By the way, there are still three members of the board of directors. After negotiating with them for a long time, they also accepted my opinion. Sansa is really not suitable to take over the Ning Group. With their support, you can defeat Sansa."

"I see!" Sophia nodded slightly and rubbed against Louis's chest. At this time, to her surprise, the heartbeat of Louis quickened.

She was shocked by his reaction.

Louis also found his quickening heartbeat. He stopped talking and quietly enjoyed this quiet and warm moment.

At this time, Sophia had figured out all the matters. She should have been relieved, but she was not. It was not because of the return of the shares, but because of the person beside her.

She couldn't figure out what kind of person Louis was. She had thought that he was a substitute. Although he had a cousin relationship with Joey, he seemed to be trying his best to help her.

Apart from other things, he had talked a lot to her just now, which was rare for him when he talked to others even the person was the most loyal and capable Hans.

Moreover, he was so weak and tired so she didn't need to deny anything. He must have been busy with her business all the time. Otherwise, he couldn't have completed such a complicated work in just five days. He not only needed to investigate, but also needed to do public relations, and even needed to integrate many things. How could time be enough to him? If he had thought it was very simple, he wouldn't have had to wait until today to do it.

It could be known that Louis had done something more difficult than reaching the sky in the past five days.

At last, Sophia was sure that she was really moved, but there were too many complex emotions in it. She couldn't tell what kind of emotion it was.

However, there was one thing that she was sure of, that was, she didn't resent Louis that much now. She no longer hated him. And the emotion was replaced by complexity, contradiction and entanglement.

Since she couldn't explain it clearly, then she decided not to think about it anymore. There would be time to solve it.

Louis's tiredness lasted until the second morning. When Sophia got up early, she saw the energetic Louis was playing chess n the living room.

Sophia chuckled, "You played chess early in the morning. Are you going to change, Mr. Lu?"

Louis beckoned her to sit at the table.

"Do you know how to play?"

"No, I'm not as sophisticated as you!" Sophia cupped her hands and made a gesture of surrender.

"When there are many things that you can't figure out, the chess game is quite helpful!" Louis raised his head and said coldly, "I was very sleepy yesterday. Although I told you a lot of things, there was another important thing that I haven't said."

Hearing that the matter was very imp

e silly in front of me. You just want me to take care of Sophia, don't you?"

Hans immediately apologized, "Mr. Lu, it's good that you know it. Why do you make me embarrassed?"

"I can make you unable to get off work."

"Please don't. I really don't want to hint you about Sophia. It's a little troublesome. If I can't deal with it properly, all your hard work for so many days will be in vain, right?"

"She hasn't known my plan yet. There shouldn't be any accidents."

Hearing this, Hans became excited. "That's good. We'll arrange it as soon as possible."

For the next few days, there was nothing serious. As arranged by Louis, Sophia came to the Ning Group occasionally. When several shareholders saw her, they began to toady to her.

On the weekend, Sophia had planned to find an opportunity to reward Louis by inviting him to dinner. But recently, Louis seemed to be very busy. He went out early in the morning and came back late in the evening. What was stranger was that he hadn't come to make trouble for her for several days.

While she was thinking about how to entertain Louis, her phone rang. It was the familiar number that she hadn't recorded.

It was indeed Joey. For the time being, Sophia didn't want to talk to him. She always felt that her feelings for Louis had become a little strange, and she seemed to be a little embarrassed to face her real husband.

After she hung up several times, he still called her.

He was as persistent as she was. Without hesitation, she answered the phone and shouted, "Haven't your primary school teachers taught you how to be polite? I didn't answer the phone maybe there was something urgent. Can you contact me later?"

After a long time of silence, a woman's voice came, "Sophia, it's me!"

"What?" Sophia was stunned. She looked at the screen and found that the call was from her friend, Vivi.

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