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   Chapter 50 General Shareholder's Meeting

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At this moment, Sophia felt relieved and felt like she caught a life-saving straw. She was against Louis both physically and mentally. Except for the so-called "cooperation", she really couldn't find any reason to place so high expectations on this man.

However, the fact was that when Louis appeared in front of her, she did feel relieved and even confident.

"Why... Why are you here?" Even though she had an inexplicable dependence on him, she was still surprised at his appearance. Didn't he always disagree with her? Didn't he always reserve his opinion? Since there was no better way, why did he stand out at this time?

Was he here to rob her?

Of course, this was just an excuse she tried to find. She didn't even doubt Louis.

This time it was Louis's turn to hesitate. He was amazed at how the expression on Sophia's face could change so much in a short moment. It was a pity that she wasn't an actress.

"Are you okay?" Louis put his powerful hand on the shoulder of Sophia.

A trace of warmth penetrated her clothes and gently touched her skin.

Withdrawing her thoughts, Sophia shook her head awkwardly. "It's not that I'm incompetent. It's just that the enemy is too cunning!" Sophia said, gnashing her teeth. All the previous humiliation and anger surged up in her heart again.

"I have warned you before, but you didn't believe me. If it is so easy, why should we join hands?" Louis smiled.

"You couldn't do anything about it, could you? If you had an idea, I wouldn't be so angry now." Sophia complained, clenching her fists and hammering them on Louis's chest.

She used a little strength, and Louis felt amused. He gently held down Sophia's hand and wanted to comfort her, then he noticed her hand was as cold as steel and ice.

Louis immediately realized that when a person was in a towering rage, his or her blood was surging, causing palms to be cold. From this, it could be known that in the short period of time before, Sophia must have been humiliated by Linda and the others in front of everyone. Otherwise, with her stubborn and shrewish character, she wouldn't have ended up in such a situation.

It seemed that the current situation was more passive than he had expected.

"You're Mr. Lu, right? If you and Sophia have any private matter, please solve it in private. This is the senior meeting of the Group. No one is allowed to disturb it." Galen knew at a glance that Louis was against him, so he immediately walked up to him and asked him to leave, "Please!"

"You used to be the assistant, right?" Louis put away his concern and tenderness in front of Sophia and became cold and ruthless, with only hatred and coldness in his words.

Galen had been helping Linda


Hearing this, Linda was overjoyed. She had been holding back her anger, waiting to see how to fight back. She had thought that Hans would set them a big trap, but it turned out to be a bluff.

"Mr. Lu, stop fooling us," Linda taunted.

As if he hadn't heard what she said, Louis just talked to Sophia in a low voice, "I have spent a lot of energy and time to help you solve your problems. Now think about how to reward me."

"Mr. Lu, I don't know what's on your mind and I'm really curious about what you are planning on. What on earth are you doing here?" Sophia stood up suddenly and asked angrily, "Are you here to make a joke? Do you think I'm not ashamed enough?"

"Sit down!"

Sophia still stood still angrily

"Sit down and listen to what Hans is going to say!"

However, Sophia still stood there, unmoved.

Louis had nothing to do with her. When he was about to persuade Sophia for the third time, he suddenly felt that everyone's voice was too noisy, so he kicked one of the chairs away and made a harsh slap. The sound immediately worked. Not only did Linda stop blaming, but also the other shareholders were silent.

Finally, it was quiet. Louis said to Sophia, "Sit down first. Let Hans finish his words."

Sophia had seen Louis being angry before and she didn't want to or dare to argue with him at this moment, so she had to go back to her seat obediently.

Seeing that everyone was quiet, Hans continued, "Now please the five shareholders contact confirm if what I said is true. Then you will see if what I said is a lie or not."

The five equity representatives had only taken Hans's announcement as nonsense, but after Louis launched the "violence" action to silence all the people present, they began to be dubious, so they immediately called home to confirm it.

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