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   Chapter 49 Sorry For Being Late

Love Tricks: Trap A Sweetie By You Xi Characters: 10090

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Sophia was quite familiar with their smile. When Linda decided to marry her into the Sheng Family, and when Sansa saw her make a fool of herself, they all had this sinister smile.

A bad feeling rose in Sophia's heart.

But she couldn't figure it out. She had the latest evidence, which could directly ruin the reputation of the evil mother and daughter. What else could they do to deal with it?

The more Sophia looked at them, the angrier she became. The more she thought about it, the more unreasonable she became. She was furious and blurted out, "What the hell are you laughing at!"

Sansa laughed even louder, "Well, I'm laughing at my sister. I'm laughing at her whimsical, spreading rumors around, and she's shameless."

"How dare you say "shame"? Shame on you! I have the most solid evidence. Even if I go to court, I am confident that the dirty secrets you have hidden for so many years can be exposed to the public at any time. "

Just as Sophia was making a firm statement, an elder who was on good terms with her father came up and gently patted her on the shoulder. "Sophia, stop it!"

Sophia turned around and saw Uncle Gu. He looked worried, but his eyes were full of concern. As if she had seen her confidant, Sophia showed the report to Uncle Gu and said, "Uncle Gu, I'm not making a fuss. Look at this in black and white. Although it's just a result notice, the report will come out soon. There's absolutely no mistake."

Uncle Gu sighed, turned around silently, took out a document from a nearby table of a shareholder and handed it to Sophia.

"What's this?" Sophia was confused.

"Look at it yourself!"

Full of doubts and curiosity, Sophia looked over. She didn't believe that such a piece of paper could record the trick of the evil mother and daughter to reverse the case.

When she read it word by word carefully, she felt her brain exploded. What was shameless, vulgar and bottomless? This report was absolutely a standard case.

The general content of the document was like a fantasy.

In the eyes of Sophia, it was such a ridiculous and shameless story. However, it was told without any weak point:

Linda had been taken care of by Galen for more than ten years since she took over the Ning Group. As the former CEO's senior assistant, Galen not only helped a lot in the group affairs, but also took good care of the life of the mother and daughters. He had been meticulous and considerate for more than ten years.

In the past ten years, Galen had expressed his love to Linda several times, but Linda had refused. However, such a capable person had never been married. Finally, out of gratitude, Linda accepted Galen.

At the same time, he felt grateful for Galen's chivalry, so she asked Sansa to respect him as her adoptive father in return for his help for so many years

Later, the key point was that in order to show sincerity, Sansa's surname was changed into Gao. In order to avoid slander, Sansa had a paternity test with her father, and the result was

ail. But now the situation had already declared her failure.

Maybe there was another choice!

For some reason, when Sophia was sad and desperate, a bold and absurd idea came to her mind. A figure flashed in her mind like a ray of light.

No, no, no, this was not a choice. I was put in a passive position because of myself. If——

Sophia shook her head in a hurry. She was also surprised why her first thought would be him at such a critical moment and in such a desperate situation.

Was it because of the oral promise of the cooperation agreement? Sophia was in a mess and didn't know where to go.

"Sophia, if you don't have anything else to do, please leave. Don't hinder the whole ceremony and delay the precious time of all shareholders present." Before Sansa took over the power of the Ning Group, she had already put on an arrogant look.

Sophia gritted her teeth. Normally, with her forthright character, she could have thousand kinds of words to respond to her.

However, in front of her, a mother who was eager to protect her daughter, a father who was devoted to her, and an impeccable statement. She had worked in the detective office for many days, and knew that she could not deal with the evidence by brute force, so she could only swallow this disgusting grievance.


Bang! The door of the meeting room was pushed open again.

All the shareholders were confused. What happened today? Why didn't they knock on the door to enter the meeting room of the Ning Group? Was it the popular way to enter nowadays?

With a familiar and firm voice, a tall figure strode in.

With a cold and angry face, Louis went into the meeting room.

At this moment, Sophia seemed to see a hero with a halo, and she even felt that Louis appeared with the background music of the God of gamblers.

"Sorry, I'm late. I have something to deal with!" Louis came to the lonely and helpless Sophia as if no one was around. He said in a charming voice that could attract thousands of women.

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