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   Chapter 45 The Root Cause

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Louis had been keeping an eye on Sophia since he arrived at the hospital. He had no time to ask Hans why Sophia became like this in just one day.

If Hans had been late in finding her, she would have been seriously ill.

She only wore a red dress. After getting in the car, she threw her coat to the back seat. After crying, she started the car. The cold wind poured in from the window, and then she didn't know where she drove. She cried and fell asleep in the car.

She was exhausted physically and mentally from the sex and she was too sad, so when she was found, she had already had a fever.

After Louis watched the video, a hint of cruelty flashed across his eyes. He snorted and said, "Sansa, how dare she!"

What did it have anything to do with Sansa?

Hans was confused, but he didn't ask.

Louis didn't intend to explain. He frowned slightly, pressed his temples and paced fro and to for a long time.

He then said, "Go and give me the list of all the people in the Ning Group now. We are going to accelerate the plan. By the way, show the thing about Galen to Sansa. Although Sansa happened to help me this time, I have no reason to let her escape from this since she hurt Sophia!"

"Then what about William?" Hans asked tentatively.

Louis snorted, "I have other plans. You go and deal with this thing first!"

William... Louis recalled this name two times in silence and had a plan in his heart. He wouldn't let go of those people easily who hurt the woman he loved so much.

When Sophia woke up again, she looked sideways subconsciously, but there was no one around the bed. She took a deep breath, not knowing whether she was disappointed or grateful.

At this time, her phone rang. Sophia picked up the phone on the bedside table.

"I heard from Louis that you're sick? Is it serious? You should take good care of yourself." Looking at the message sent on WeChat, Sophia seemed to see the resentful expression of the person.

"Maybe it's just a cold. Why are you so fussy?" Sophia texted with a guilty conscience after thinking for a while.

After all, Joey was her husband, but what had happened to her these days made her feel guilty about him. So she was uneasy.

"Maybe a cold? If you had a cold, he wouldn't have taken you to the hospital." Joey's message looked teasing. "If you feel very unhappy in Y City, let Louis take you out to play! Isn't his base camp in the capital city? Ask him to take you there for relaxation! "

Sophia rolled her eyes and smiled with a pale face, "Never mind. I have a job now, and Louis also has a job."

On the other side, of course, Joey couldn't see the expression on Sophia's face. "You are just overthinking. He is very willing for you to trouble him! Just regard him as a servant and let him do whatever you want!

If he really has something to do, you can go to the capital by yourself. I w

r, Louis went out.

She felt that he suddenly became cold and quiet, and she was not used to it. Sophia shrugged.

During this period, [Hans happened to come to deliver some documents. Seeing that Louis was not here, he had planned to wait here. However, after receiving a phone call, he handed the documents in his hand to Sophia and said, "Miss Ning, please give them to the CEO later. I have something urgent to deal with now. I'm afraid that I can't wait for the CEO to come back."

Sophia nodded and took the folder. She put it on the cabinet next to her, indicating that she would give it to him.

Sophia swore that she didn't mean to peep at Louis's folder!

She just wanted to pour herself a glass of water, but she didn't expect that it would spill out. Fearing that the document would be destroyed by her, she hurriedly moved the folder away. Suddenly, the words "Ning Group" and the name of Linda attracted her attention. Moreover, at first glance, she noticed this document should not be a contract, so she opened it secretly.

It contained all the investigation materials that had happened many years ago.

And it was about the Ning Group.

Sophia looked it over carefully.

During the reading, Sophia's breath quickened. She clenched her fists unconsciously, and her fingernails were almost pinched into her flesh.

After reading it, with a furious face, Sophia closed the document and put it aside. However, her chest heaved constantly. Obviously, she was very angry.

Sophia clenched her fists, with a trace of hatred in her eyes.

She finally knew why Linda and Sansa had been provoking and making difficulties for her since her father passed away.

And she now knew why Linda only liked Sansa and hate her so much.

She had thought she and Sansa were twins, and wondered why Linda was so partial towards Sansa.

This was the root cause of all this. Sophia took a deep breath.

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