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   Chapter 43 Sansa's Trap

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What did he hear just now! It was clearly the voices of Sophia and Louis inside the room. Now, William felt as if he had been betrayed.

But he had no reason to say so because Sophia had been married. But why was it Louis? Wasn't her husband Joey!

Now... All he wanted was to kill Louis!

William's face suddenly turned ghastly pale. Mixed feelings emerged in his eyes, but he was more at a loss.

He was not angry with the fact that Sophia had slept with another man. After all, he had married Sansa, but he still felt a little uncomfortable. He was extremely conflicted, as if there were two voices fighting fiercely in his heart.

Not long after, a pile of wine glasses and bottles appeared beside William. His eyes were blurred and his clothes were full of the smell of alcohol.

"Sophia... Sophia..." William murmured. Every time he called Sophia, he had different emotions.

"William... You are drunk." Sansa shook William, feeling sorry for him, but she didn't regret it. Instead, she was very proud. If this could make him stop thinking about Sophia, she could do anything.

"No!" William waved his hand and turned to look at Sansa, with a hint of anger in his eyes. "How could I be drunk? Cut the crap and bring me the wine!"

"……" Sansa hurriedly asked someone to take William away. She didn't know what would happen if he continued to drink.

When they arrived at the hotel, Sansa helped William to straighten his clothes. William opened his drunk eyes and pulled Sansa in front of him.

"What's wrong with me?" William looked at Sansa. He was apparently drunk.

"William... You are good. There is nothing bad about you. Sophia is a bitch. She doesn't know how perfect you are..." Although she didn't know what William was thinking, Sansa wouldn't let go of any chance to discredit Sophia.

William had always respected Sophia and hadn't done anything against her will. But in the end, Sophia just had sex with another man so casually.

He was not reconciled. He felt angry and heartbroken.

Looking at Sansa, William's blurred eyes turned clearer, like the glazed star in the starry sky. His handsome face was angular, and his thin lips were slightly hooked, showing an evil spirit.

Sansa was stunned for a while and soon she began to respond.

"One night had past... Have you found out the truth?" With his back to Hans, Louis' eyes was full of gloomy.


ame for you for a long time."

Sophia was stunned. She was still wondering when Sansa had taken the blame for her. Apparently, Sansa was discrediting her. Looking at William, who was distressed, she immediately understood why Sansa said so!

Sansa claimed that it was none of her business, but Sophia didn't believe her words. What happened last night must have something to do with Sansa. Maybe the whole thing was designed by her!

Sophia stared at Sansa with a gloomy face.

However, Sansa ignored her. She rolled her eyes and shouted, "Sophia! Don't sling mud at me. It's you who fell in love with Louis and slept with him. Why didn't you admit it but slander me to frame you?" Sansa pointed at the clothes on her and her neck exposed, "Isn't it Louis's suit jacket on you? The suit can prove everything. It's so shameful of you to say those words to slander me."

"Yes." Sansa giggled, stepped forward and stood in front of Sophia. With her back to William, she fiddled with her fingernails and continued, "Although you are a little stupid and you always fall into my trap, will such things happen if you don't take the initiative? What's more, do you think that I have the power to play a trick on Mr. Lu? You have overestimated me!"

Sansa's eyes twinkled with complacency. Sophia knew that she was obviously telling a lie.

Hearing what Sansa said, her chest heaved up and down. Obviously, she was very angry. She raised her hand and was about to wave it at Sansa.

Sansa took a step back.

Then, a black figure suddenly stood in front of Sophia and the one grabbed her arm.

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