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   Chapter 35 Don't Waste Money On Others' Fields

Love Tricks: Trap A Sweetie By You Xi Characters: 3655

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"Don't talk about him. He must have his own difficulties."

"Ha ha... What difficulties could he have? " Joey sent a smile emoji, "Although I'm not at home, I know something about the Ning family. Did William break up with you because of Sansa?"

"I brought it up first." Sophia covered her eyes and said, "I said we should break up first. Anyway, I have married you, Joey. Why do you still mention him? "

"It only proves that he is not a good person. Maybe William approached you because he liked the property of the Ning family. William didn't love you at all. Otherwise, he wouldn't agree to marry Sansa immediately just because you broke up with him. Wake up, silly girl! "

You are a silly girl. All your families are silly girls.

Sophia had mixed feelings. Whoever mentioned William was trying to expose the scar in her heart and let her face the bloody reality.

What's more, the man who uncovered the scar was her current husband.

"So..." Behind the screen, Joey didn't notice that Sophia was depressed at all. He said, "You'd better think about my good friend carefully!

looked energetic, as if she was coated with a layer of gold. Her face was red and white, making her incomparably attractive.

She threw her phone on the bed and ignored Joey. Sophia decided to go out and make it clear to Louis.

No matter what happened, it was better to make it clear.

Louis was reading newspaper on the sofa in the living room. His black suit pants were ironed straight and meticulously.

He only wore a pair of slippers, which matched his trousers perfectly, as if they were made for each other. Louis didn't wear a coat. He simply put on his snow-white shirt. The sleeves were unbuttoned and rolled up a few times, revealing his slender wrist. His skin was so delicate that it made people jealous.

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