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   Chapter 34 My Brother Is A Good Man

Love Tricks: Trap A Sweetie By You Xi Characters: 3303

Updated: 2020-05-15 00:04

She lowered her head and glanced at her nightgown. She decided to change her clothes first.

When she opened the wardrobe, she suddenly realized a problem.

My God, this was not her wardrobe at all. There were all men's clothes in it, but there were indeed some women's clothes in the corner.

Sophia was not stupid enough to think that Louis shamelessly hung all his clothes in her wardrobe, and she looked around.

Sophia patted her forehead. She was wrong!

Regardless of whether Louis was in the living room or not, Sophia quickly slipped into her own room next door and locked it.

It was so embarrassing! She had just blatantly asked Louis to go out, and said that he broke the agreement to enter into her room, but she didn't expect that it was Louis's room!

But the decoration and furnishings of the two rooms were almost identical. No wonder she would mistake them.

But in this way, she had no face at all!

Her eyes were empty and dim. Lying on the bed, Sophia

't he your brother? Why did you do this to him? " Sophia was confused. "Aren't you afraid that he will revenge?"

"I'm abroad now and he can't come here at all. Why should I be afraid?" The message from Joey was full of indifference.

"……" Sophia became silent.

He can't take revenge on you, but don't forget that we live under the same roof. What if Louis comes to tease her? It was better to be careful.

However, it seemed that Joey didn't find anything. He talked about another thing, "I don't think your ex-boyfriend is a good man.

Just watched you being bullied by Sansa? What kind of man is he? If I were there, I would have kicked her! "

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