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   Chapter 33 What Did We Do

Love Tricks: Trap A Sweetie By You Xi Characters: 2973

Updated: 2020-05-14 00:24

"What's wrong?" Seeing what Sophia was doing, Louis smiled in a low voice and put his hand on his forehead, as if he was still sleepy.

Now that she was pretending, she had to pretend.

"Why are you in my room? We have made a deal before that you are not allowed to enter my room without my permission! "

Seeing the sparkles in her eyes, Louis slowly got up and put on his clothes. "Have you forgotten what you did last night?"

Startled, Sophia was led by him. "What did I do last night?"

She only remembered that she got drunk in the LW Restaurant last night. Maybe it was he who sent her back? When she got home, she vaguely remembered that someone helped her take a shower and then poured her some soup

Was she drugged Sophia's eyes suddenly changed. Louis was a beast in human attire!

"Have you really forgotten it or not?" Louis looked at her with great interest and s

was joking, he had to stop at the right time. If he pissed off Sophia, who was coaxed, and she ran away, it would be really not worth it.

As the door was opened and closed, there was only Sophia left in the room.

She sat by the window in a daze and screamed for a while to wrap herself in the quilt.

The golden light spots fell on the sheet through the window, forming a layer of golden yellow.

Sophia revealed her head in the shining light, and the fluffy hair on her face was clearly visible.

"I'm so what the fuck! Forget it," she comforted herself. "It's not a big deal!"

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