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   Chapter 30 the Truth

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Sophia, Sophia, you only have Sophia in your heart.

Sansa complained in her heart, but she couldn't show it in front of him.

Seeing that he was about to leave, she hurriedly held him with a sigh. She blinked her eyes and said helplessly, "I was too anxious just now. Please don't take it serious. I'm also wondering if I should tell you something. After all, if you know more, you must be a little worried, but I'm afraid that it will hurt you..."

Her obedient manner couldn't made him angry.

He turned to her and asked, "what do you want to say?"

Sansa looked up at him and turned to look at LW Restaurant. She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Finally, she sighed, "I've heard it from others. Don't be angry, William..."

William said calmly, "go ahead."

Judging from the expression on her face, he had a hunch that it was about Sophia.

"Let's get in the car first." Sansa said. After they got in the car and locked the door, she was not afraid that he would leave again.

William also kept silent, acquiesced in it

When the two got back to the car, Sansa sighed again.

When he was about to ask impatiently, she said, "William, do you know that the eldest son of the Sheng family, Joey, is a famous businessman?"

William raised his eyebrows. Why didn't he know? It was because there was an engagement between the Sheng clan and the Ning clan that Joey could marry Sophia.

Joey became the husband of Sophia as he had never seen her before, which drove him crazy with jealousy.

"It's said that Joey never flirted with women. In fact, he is a gay Then why did he pressure to marry

Sophia? It's all for Louis. "

"What do you mean?" William frowned slightly.

"William, I didn't say that. I heard someone. Think about it. As a gay, he suddenly proposed to marry Sophia, and she agreed. There must be something wrong. Rumor has spread that Sophia wanted to marry Louis, so she answered it."

"As the CEO of the YH Group, Louis' fiancee is a member of the Lu family in the capital. This marriage he can't be destroyed, but it's obvious that he has fallen in love with Sophia."

Thinking of his performance at the wedding and in LW Restaurant, it was really possible that he tried his best to defend Sophia. William frowned.

Seeing the expression on his face, Sansa was so angry that she clenched her fists, bit her lips and said in the same tone, "why did she marry a gay? Didn't she think for herself? Obviously, Sophia was thinking for her own good. She has been secretly in a relationship with Louis for a long time. But he has the restrictions of the Lu family, so the two of them came to a private meeting with each other by taking advantage of Joey. "

"A formal marriage is common occurrence in business connection. As a homosexual, Joey won't have sex with Sophia. Louis and Joey are good friends. He can have a tryst with Sophia on the excuse of Joey. Then the two will have perfect protection!"

"Just like now, with the excuse that Joey asked him to take good care of Sophia, Louis has already let her move in."

If Sophia heard what Sana said, she didn't know whether she should applaud or laugh at the well-informed of her, or she should be on guard against her sending people to spy on her.

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