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   Chapter 29 Tit For Tat

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After a pause, Sansa continued, "really, don't be angry. It's my fault Don't you want to know the news about your parents? They are took care well abroad, especially my father-in-law. His condition has been getting better. I will definitely find the best doctor to cure him! "

Hearing Sansa humble apology and the news of his parents, William's face softened a little, but he was still with a serious face.

Sansa had been observing his expression all the time. How could she miss his change? Seeing his soft expression, she knew that this matter was finally solved.

However, she still couldn't help complaining to him, pretending to be careless. "But my sister is really unfaithful. She has already married, but she still has affairs with Louis. She seduces men anywhere. I don't know who else she is with..."

Hearing that, William, who had been relieved, suddenly stopped. He stared at her with cold eyes and sneered

"Shame on you! Why don't you think about yourself? Have you forgotten the photos in the wedding? Having sex with four men? Do you know what they are talking about? They said that you didn't keep your chastity.

You don't think that I don't know that we didn't have sex before, but you pretended to make up misunderstand. And when I had sex with you on the day we came back, you drugged me. How dare you mention Sophia? !"

It would be fine if she didn't mention it. Altough Sansa was the eldest daughter of the Ning family, he wasn't afraid of her. If it weren't for his parents' request, he wouldn't have marriedher at all.

Even if he didn't love her, he didn't like to be cuckolded.

Her face suddenly turned pale. Although the matter was covered by the Ning family, there were also some rumors about it. Hearing his words and mentioning the matter of being drugged, she felt very guilty.

She frowned slightly and her eyes were covered with a layer of mist. She cried out in grievance, "Everyone could di

strust me except you, William. Those photos must have been falsified to take revenge on me! "

"How can I trust you?" With his arms crossed over his chest, William looked cold and sneered at her.

She lowered her head, with a glint of slyness in her eyes. When she raised her head again, tears welled up on her face, and her eyes were filled with grievance:

"I really didn't do it. What's more, you were drugged that day, and so was I. It was all my mom. She was anxious to have a grandson, so she did this. I didn't know at all, or I wouldn't have been so excited when I woke up!"

Although it was her who planned it, it was not her who drugged him at all.

"And you have confirmed my virginity on the day I came back. How could I have sex with others before that? Am I so horny that I have to find another man? Will, am I such a person in your eyes? "

He remained silent. At that time, he didn't have consciousness so that she had many chances to make up.

With advanced technology, it was easy to repair the virgin. Besides, he didn't forget that Sophia said these photos were true.

"It's obvious that someone wants to make fun of me on purpose!" Sansa wiped her tears and pretended to be embarrassed. Her makeup was ruined. "I guess it must be Sansa. She must be jealous that I'm going to marry you, so she did this on purpose to embarrass me."

William took a step back and shook his head, "Sophia was not such a person."

Although Sophia usually looked careless and jealous of evils, after all, they had been together for so many years. He knew that she was not the kind of person who would frame others for her own selfish desires. In his heart, she was a kind, generous, stubborn and silly girl.

Compared with Sansa, he naturally believed in her more!

He had thought that Sansa would say something different, but he didn't expect that she would still discredit Sophia!

He immediately turned around and left.

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