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   Chapter 27 How To Repay Me

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Didn't Sansa want to mock her just now? But before she could retort, she was humiliated by Jason.

From Jason's attitude toward Louis, everyone knew that Louis had a link with the LW Restaurant.

Hearing what Sophia said, Sansa was furious, but she couldn't say anything because Louis was present. No one knew what Louis would ask Manager Lin to do later. Sansa was not a person who didn't know how to tell people's emotions. She knew that she would be treated worse than this later.

So even though her face was livid with anger, Sansa didn't lose her temper. She said impatiently, "What do you want to do?

It's not easy for us to meet each other. Why are you in such a hurry? How about we have dinner with together before leaving? It's not easy to book a seat at the LW Restaurant. Besides, you won't be able to come here in the future." Sophia almost told what Sansa had said to her.

Manager Lin just said that Sansa was on the blacklist, which meant that she would never come again.

Sansa's chest heaved violently. It was obvious that she was very angry. Sansa looked at Louis behind Louis, and then looked at Sophia. She knew that there was no way to get back at them today. She tried hard to suppress her anger and directly pulled William out. She glared at the attendants who were about to make a movement. "I can walk myself!"

William, who was forcibly pulled away, looked at Sophia apologetically when passing by her. There was a complicated and meaningful emotion in his eyes.

It seemed that his eyes contained countless complex emotions.

Seeing that the t

wo of them had left, Jason welcomed Louis and Sophia to the private room. "Mr. Lu, if you need anything, just tell me."

After waving his hand at Jason to let him leave, Louis turned to look at Sophia, his eyes full of worry and love.

Sophia, who was supposed to be in high spirits after defeating Sansa, was now sitting in her seat with a dull expression on her face.

What did William's eyes want to tell when he left? He had married Sansa.

Sophia felt her heart was twitching in pain. William hadn't helped Sansa for even once. Thinking of this, she even felt a little happy.

She was the one who had chosen to abandoned him first. But her heart still hurt.

Sophia touched her chest unconsciously. She tried to suppress her emotions and prevent the sadness in her heart from spreading into her eyes.

"…… Little hedgehog? Sophia!" Sophia's expression looked blank, and her half closed eyes were dim.

Louis knew what she was thinking.

"Err... What?" The thoughts that floated far away were pulled back by the swaying hand in front of her eyes. Sophia was stunned for a second and instantly looked at Louis. "What are you doing?"

"…… Well..." Louis raised his eyebrows, as if he hadn't seen the absent-minded expression on Sophia's face. He curved up the corners of his mouth and said, "I helped you just now. How are you going to repay me?"

"Did you help me just now?" Sophia was confused.

"Yes." Louis put his hand on the table and tapped it rhythmically. He said casually, "I asked Uncle Lin to chase Sansa out just now to help you vent your anger."

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