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   Chapter 26 the Black List of Lin Garden

Love Tricks: Trap A Sweetie By You Xi Characters: 3187

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Glancing at Sansa, Louis eyes showed a trace of banter and imperceptible cruelty. He said without turning his head, "Uncle Jason, I had told you. Customers like her can't come to the Lin Garden for dinner. Do you want to smash the signboard of the Lin Garden? "

Hearing this, Jason knew that the woman in front of him had offended him. Although she was also the eldest daughter of the Ning family, Lin Garden was not afraid of this family.

Hearing his words, Sansa became angry from embarrassment, "Louis What do you mean by a person like me? No matter what, I'm not as good as you. Friend's wife is better. "

So Sansa is talking about the relationship between him and Sophia. Louis was amused, but he didn't take it seriously. He didn't allow others to gossip about his relationship with Sophia.

A sharp light flashed in his eyes. He glanced at her and then looked at Sophia. He said indifferently, "Uncle Jason, throw her out."

He didn't say the following words, but Jason immediately understood what he meant. What should he throw out? Of course, he would throw Sansa out!

Jason stopped smiling and called in two attendants. With a straight face, he pointed at Sansa and said, "take her out. From now on, the eldest daughter of the Ning clan will be added to the blacklist of the Lin Garden and will no longer be received. "

He asked the servants to take her out. Although his words were pleasant to hear and left the last dignity for the Ning family, the two servants were very rude and directly lifted Sansa up.

William changed his face slightly and was about to st

op him.

"Jason What do you mean? " Sansa couldn't get rid of the two men. Her face darkened and she asked in a deep voice.

Why did he blacklist her? Even if Louis was powerful and influential, Lin Garden wouldn't have kicked her out and blacklisted her just because of his words!

Jason shook his head and stood behind Louis, ignoring her questioning.

"Are you kidding? I don't need an explanation for what I'm doing?' Lin Garden was just a nice restaurant, but it had the right to choose who to receive, not to mention that Sansa had irritated Louis..

She had offended someone she shouldn't have offended, but she didn't know it. It was really hopeless. Jason shook his head.

Sophia glanced at William and saw his action. Her eyes darkened. She paused and suppressed the boredom in her heart. She turned to Sansa and suddenly said, "wait!"

The two servants turned to look at Jason. When they saw his nodding, they put down Sansa.

Louis looked at Sophia with a little interest. He was curious about what his little hedgehog wanted to do.

So he just touched his chin without saying anything.

Although she didn't know what the relationship between Louis and Lin Garden was. It didn't hinder her from figuring out the current situation. She had to seize such a favorable situation.

Thinking of this, Sophia raised her chin and smiled at the embarrassed and indignant Sansa. She said with a smile, "sister, why are you in such a hurry to leave?"

She directly ignored the fact that Sansa was taken away. She was actually giving her a dose of her own medicine.

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