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   Chapter 23 Enemies Are Destined to Meet

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Louis felt sorry for her.

He minded the word "substitute marriage" said by Sansa, but he was more willing to marry Sophia.

He stretched out his hand and wrapped Sophia trembling fist with his warm hand. "Little hedgehog..."

Sophia shook off his hand. She was not a fragile woman. She could control her emotions without the man's comfort. "Don't I know him? Do I need you to introduce him to me?" She looked at Sansa coldly.

William echoed as soon as Sansa finished her words. "We all know each other. There is no need to introduce." Although he had a lot of helplessness, he still didn't want to see her be bullied.

Seeing that William not only fixed his eyes on Sophia, but also took the initiative to save her, Sansa was extremely jealous. She looked around and saw four or five people paying attention to here. An idea stroke her.

She bit her lower lip and felt a little aggrieved. "I did it out of kindness. After all, your identity has changed. Will, you used to be Sophia's boyfriend, but now you are her brother-in-law. And Louis... "

However, before she could finish her words, Sophia interrupted, "well, you want to introduce me? Let me introduce you." She took the initiative to hold [Louis' hand and pulled him two steps forward. "Let me introduce to you first. This tall, handsome and rich man in front of you is my husband..."

She stopped on purpose to surprise Sansa, "sure enough, you really have an affair..." Unfortunately, before she could finish her word, her voice was drowned by the voice of Sophia.

"…… 's bro, bro of my husband. "

After saying that, she leaned her head on Louis'

shoulder and squinted at Sansa, who was flabbergasted by her movements. Then she released him, pointed at Sansa and quickly said, "Louis, this is my twin sister. She can not only plot against me, but also pretend to be a bitch. Her acting skill is first-rate, and she is also casual. She can sleep with anyone on the way, except that she has nothing special."

Her voice was not loud, but it was enough for the guests to hear.

Sansa reacted and saw everyone's disdainful eyes. She wished she could tear Sophia's mouth apart.

Louis had been looking at Sophia all the time. Seeing that she was so cunning to tease Sansa, he slightly raised the corners of his mouth and helped her. "I have a deep understanding of what a bitch is!"

"You..." Pointing at Sophia, Sansa suddenly burst into laughter.

Sophia frowned and looked defensively at Sansa.

Over the years, she had a certain understanding of this sister. She wouldn't do nothing in vain.

As expected, as soon as Sophia had this idea, she heard her say.

"You two are so tacit. People who don't know might think you are a real couple, but you are not. One of you is..."

"Sister." Sophia stepped forward, grabbed Sansa's hand and whispered in her ear, "you've tried everything to marry William. Now your dream has come true. Do you want to destroy your new family?"

Sansa paused and the smile on her face faded, "what do you mean?"

Looking at her with a smile, Sophia said, "if you continue to talk nonsense, don't blame me. Since I can let him marry you, I also have a way to make him divorce you."

"Impossible?" Sansa looked a little flustered.

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