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   Chapter 22 Louis's Identity

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"Don't forget your identity," Sophia said warily.

"Identity? What identity?" With every word Louis said, he took a step towards Sophia and closed the short distance between them quickly.

Taking a step back, Sophia raised her chin and answered, "You are just my husband's brother."

Louis's lips curled into a small smile, and his eyes were bright with mischief.

He was handsome and his smile looked very stunning. However, Sophia only felt danger from his smile. She said in a panic, "Show some respect to your friend's wife!"

"I only know that my friend's wife is very attractive." As he spoke, Louis took a big step forward. Their chests were almost pressed together and he looked down at her.

Just as he was about to take the next step, a voice full of surprise spread to every corner of the hall. "Sophia, why are you here? Haven't you given up your brother-in-law?"

The good atmosphere was destroyed. Lowering her head, Sophia breathed a sigh of relief. Louis's face darkened.

He looked in the direction where the voice came.

When Sansa walked towards them, she felt she was stared at by a pair of piercing eyes. She stopped, and he stopped with fear. After hesitating for a while, she gave a stiff smile and walked over.

Looking at her coming, Sophia smiled and said gratefully, "Sansa, thank you!! It was the first time that she was so grateful to Sansa since her father's death.

Seeing the gratefulness on Sansa's face and Louis's sullen face, Sansa was confused.

She came over here in an attempt to show off in front of Sophia and irritate her. She wondered why Sophia thanked her.

Despite the confusion, she didn't show it on her face. "Sophia, did you know that your brot

her-in-law and I are here for dinner, so you specifically came here."

When Sophia heard this, her first reaction orange was to glance at Louis. Seeing that his face was as dark as a black pan, she let out an even bigger smile. "Is that all you want to tell me?"

She didn't admit it or deny it. There was no other expression on her face except for a smile.

Sansa was very dissatisfied with Sophie's reaction.

She walked closer to William who had been in a daze since he saw Sophia at a distance. She then pulled him in front of Sophia, held his arm and leaned against his shoulder, shyly saying, "William was too enthusiastic in bed on the day I came back home. I lay in bed for a whole day afterwards, therefore I didn't have the chance to see you. But why did you go back so early? We haven't had a good talk."

As soon as Sansa finished talking, William's body jolted.

The smile on Sophia's face froze. She reminded when she had seen Sansa and William together in bed that day. The sadness that had been suppressed in the bottom of her heart had a sign of eruption.

Louis looked at William with his deep eyes and then looked at Sophia. Seeing the unconcealed sadness on her eyes, he frowned slightly.

However, Sansa continued as if she didn't notice it, "But we can take this opportunity to introduce your brother-in-law to your husband, oh substitute husband."

She stressed the words "brother-in-law" and "substitute" on purpose.

She not only reminded Sophia that William was now her husband, but also warned Louis that Sophia was the wife of another man.

With a pale face, Sophia clenched her fists to restrain her emotions. She didn't want to show her fragility in front of Sansa.

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