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   Chapter 20 Move By Heart

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The first reaction of Sophia was to put the phone far away and save her ears.

Until there was no more sound from the phone, she put it back to her ear and said lightly, "Have you finished venting your anger?"

"……" On the other side of the phone was Joey.

"I don't add your WeChat. One reason is that I don't know it's you, and the other is that if I know it's you, I won't add it, too." After saying what she wanted to say at a stretch, Sophia quickly took her phone away from her ear, in case of being poisoned.

However, Joey didn't do as she expected. He just complained, "Why did you do this to me? You are such an unfaithful woman."

What the fuck!

Why did this sentence make her shiver?

Sophia felt goose bumps all over her skin. "Please don't talk nonsense. We are just nominal couples. We haven't seen each other for once, just like strangers. No love, no betrayal. "

"What you said really broke my heart." His low voice sounded sad.

Sophia's delicate body trembled. "I'll hang up if there's nothing else."

Hearing that Sophia was about to hang up the phone, Joey swept away his depression and said quickly, "if you really don't add me, if you don't add me, I will call you every day to harass you until you agree."

The corners of Sophia's mouth twitched. "Okay, I'll add!" In order not to be harassed, she had to compromise.

But this time, there was a big difference of Joey. The cold and ruthless man on the phone last time was the same person as this rascal?

"You went to Thailand?" Sophia suddenly asked.

Joey was a little surprised, "No, I'm in the United States. What am I going to do in Thailand? There are so many shemale in Thailand, and it's hard to distinguish between women and shemale!"


I thought you had sex change, for you had big difference on the phone between two times.

Sophia thought to herself.

"Are you... How are you getting along with my brother? Let me tell you, my brother is only 27 years old, but he is very capable. He not only founded a multinational company YH Group, but also keeps a low profile and faithful. He is the dream man in the hearts of many women. This is the most popular one nowadays. He is handsome, rich, and has long legs. The key point is that he's good at sex. "

"How do you know he is good at

sex? Have you ever tried?" Sophia asked subconsciously.

"Fuck... What... What did you say? " Joey was frightened and stammered, "You can't say that. Sister, if he knows that you think he has an affair with me, I will be dead!"

"Ha ha... I will pay attention to it in the future. " Sophia pursed her lips and tried not to laugh.

Why didn't she notice that there was something funny hidden in her body last time!

Joey changed the topic and said, "You have a crush on my brother, right? If you are interested in him, you should take actions as soon as possible. He is faithful, handsome, rich and good at sex."

"I'm your nominal wife. Is it really appropriate for you to let me find another man?" Introduce a man to his wife and let her cheat on himself. Joey was indeed a freak.

"Rich water should not be let out of one's own fields." Joey said decisively.

"If my memory serves me right, he has a fiancee, the young lady from the Lu family in Beijing. A man who is engaged to another woman also flirts with others. Are you sure such a man is not a scum? "

"No, that's not true..."

"Well, I'm not interested."

"Well, don't believe those rumors. Listen to me, the fiancee is..."

Before Joey could finish his words, Sophia hung up the phone.

As for whether Louis had a fiancee or not, she's not interested. She had only slept with him for one night before, and now they were just cooperating. That was all.

"Ding Dong!".

Sophia accepted and soon received a WeChat message from Joey, "Honey, my brother's fiancee is just an excuse to fool the media. He is a single dog, or a virgin dog that has been single for 27 years. '

A virgin dog?

Thinking of the scene in the hotel, he's a veteran playboy.

And a virgin... I don't have much education. Don't lie to me.

Sophia only replied with a smile, then ignored the weirdo Joey.

Louis went home after work and found something strange. He felt that from time to time, someone would glance at his lower body.

A hint of darkness flashed in his eyes. He pretended to stand up, and then, when the eyes fell on the lower part of his body. He immediately turned around.

While eating the snacks Louis bought for her, Sophia peeked at him. She was stunned by Louis's stare.

"Are you so interested in my lower part?"

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