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   Chapter 19 A Mysterious Man

Love Tricks: Trap A Sweetie By You Xi Characters: 3888

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Was it because she had sex with him? He had emotion...

All of a sudden, Sophia shivered and threw these thoughts in her mind into a corner.

After all, she was now the nominal wife of his brother.

Yes, he promised Joey to take care of her.

All he did was to fulfill his promise.

While thinking, there was a voice in the bottom of Sophia's heart asking.

Was that the truth?

But she ignored that voice, because she had a feeling that if she went deep into it, she would find something she didn't want to know.

So, it was better to stop.

After Sophia thought it through, she felt sleepy and fell asleep slowly. But because of this, she did something that made her regret in the future.

The room was very quiet.

After a long time, a small voice came from outside.

Then the locked door was opened from the outside, and a handsome man came in.

The curtain is drawn. There was only a little light in the room, and the man's features could not be seen clearly. Only to know he was wearing a pair of glasses, and was tall with two long legs.

The man walked fast and took big steps, but he didn't make a sound.

He walked quickly to the bedside and sat on the bed. He stared at Sophia for a long time who was lying prone on the bed.

Sleeping, Sophia seemed to feel an itch on her face. She reached out to grab it, but was stopped by a hand halfway.

She murmured, showing no sign of waking up.

"HMM... William, don't disturb my sleep... "

The man paused, and then smiled bitterly, "Only him? Don't you remember your brother Joey? "

The life of the wounded was very enjoyable. It was rare that Louis didn't make things difficult for her. He directly asked for leave for her and let her rest at home. At the same time, he asked Mary to cook all kinds of delicious food for her, making Sophia have the idea of being a parasite all her life.

But she just thought of it. The cause of her father's de

ath hadn't been found out yet, so she couldn't be relieved to be a parasite.

During her recuperation, she didn't have time to relax, but never sneak into Louis's study as last time. Now that she had moved in and reached a cooperation agreement with Louis, she naturally had to respect the privacy of the partner. Therefore, she only used her own hacker technology to investigate the death of her father, but still got nothing.

Sophia sighed, put the computer aside, and was about to stand up and do some exercise.

Suddenly, there was a sound of "Ding Dong" from her phone, which was the prompt of a new friend for WeChat.

Without thinking too much, she picked her phone up, unlocked and entered the WeChat. But she found that the new friend was the stranger she refused this morning.

She didn't know this man, so she refused again.

But about a minute later, the voice came again. It was still that person.

But this time, there was a confirmation message: I am your dear husband.

"Is he crazy?" When Sophia saw the confirmation information, the first thought in her mind was to treat this man as a freak and refuse again.

However, a few seconds later, the prompt tone rang again.

In succession, this stranger irritated Sophia. She was about to check the IP address of this stranger and take a revenge on him.

But before she could do anything, her phone rang.

It was a call from Joey, and this was the second time he had called.

Although Sophia was a little surprised, she didn't want to answer the phone call from her so-called weird husband. But her phone rang again and again. She had no choice but to answer it.

As soon as the phone was connected, a deafening roar came out, which was different from the cold and ruthless voice last time, "Sophia, you've become more capable. You don't add my WeChat. You don't want me to see your WeChat moments. Are you going to have a paramour behind my back?"

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