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   Chapter 18 You Care About Me

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"I don't need your help. I can do it myself."

"Don't worry. I won't eat you." It was a casual sentence, but Sophia sensed something different. He wouldn't eat her because he didn't want to eat now. When he wanted to eat, she would be doomed.

When she was about to say something, Louis interrupted her in a pleasant voice, "you'd better be obedient now."

However, it didn't allow her to refuse.

Sophia frowned slightly, stared at him for a few seconds and finally compromised.

After all, she was a lamb in the mouth of a tiger. No matter how shameless he was, he himself has a moral line. Now she was the woman of his brother anyway.

Besides, he had promised her three requests. As the CEO and chairman of the YH Group, he should have such credibility!

Sophia thought with uncertainty.

Louis slowly moved his hands to her waist and was about to lift up the clothes covering her back when she heard his charming laughter. "Is this your idea?"

Sophia looked at him suspiciously.

"Your back is injured now. You have to wait until you recover though you want me." After saying that, he seemed to remember and added, "I will satisfy you at that time."

Sophia was stunned for a moment, and then flew into a rage. "You..."

Louis interrupted her again, "well, I'll wipe the wound on your face. Don't move. You are so stupid. Why didn't you apply some balm to the wound on your face? "

Before Sophia could react, he took the medical swab, wet it and gently wiped the bruises on her face.

"Ouch!" Suddenly, there was a slight cold sting on her face, and she took a deep breath.

Hearing the voice, Louis immediately stopped and asked, "How is it? Does it hurt?"

When she met his deep eyes, she could clearly see the care and love in his eyes.

Sophia was shocked. Sh

e didn't believe what she saw.

Louis stared at the slap mark on her face, with a sharp light flashing in his eyes.

"Hold on. I'll try to be gentle." His voice softened unconsciously with coaxing.

"Okay!" Sophia nodded, feeling a little complicated.

Louis didn't notice the emotion in her eyes. He focused on looking at her side face and tried his best to control the strength of his hand for fear of hurting her.

Time went by.

It took him an hour to apply balm.

Louis stood up and threw the medical cotton into the trash can. "I will..."

"I can do it myself!" Said Sophia in a hurry.

Louis frowned slightly and disagreed, "if you can't see it, how can you apply it? I'll ask Kimi to help you."

After saying that, he turned around and left, leaving no time for Sophia to react.

After finishing applying the balm, he didn't ask her about her breaking in last night, so he sent her to bed.

Sophia's room was arranged next to his room. She was very dissatisfied with this arrangement, but her objection was ineffective.

She glared at him, slammed the door and locked it. Then she lay on the bed in this strange room, but she was not sleepy at all.

It was not that she was not tired. It was just that her heart was full of doubts at the moment, and she was troubled by the problem that she could not fall asleep.

Louis' attitude towards her was very strange. She didn't know him at all. Since that night, he not only appeared every time when she had a crisis, but also told her about her father's matter. The password of the computer was set to her birthday, and he caught her breaking into the house at midnight but didn't send her to the police station. It couldn't be a coincidence.

There was no such coincidence in the world.

Then why did he do that?

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