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   Chapter 17 You Have Tried

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As soon as Louis finished his words, this idea hit Sophia.

Was it a condition of eating, drinking and sleeping with him?

"But I didn't have the idea. I'll tell you when I think of it." After saying that, Louis glanced at Sophia with his deep eyes and added, "Don't worry. I'm not as dirty as you think."

As her thought was guessed, the expression on Sophia's face was a little unnatural. "Eh..." She cleared her throat deliberately to hide her embarrassment Ahem Then I agree. " She changed the subject, "You have three requirements. In turn, I also have three requirements."

He nodded.

"First, you are not allowed to enter my room without my permission. Second, don't get close to me. Third, don't twist the meaning of my words." Sophia said the last request gritting her teeth.

Louis didn't answer but stared at her with a smile.

She said impatiently, "if you agree or not, just answer me. My back hurts so much. I don't have time to waste with you."

Hearing this, he stepped forward, grabbed her arm and lifted her up by her waist. "I'll take you to the hospital first!"

Sophia struggled, but hurt her back worse and she didn't dare to move.

However, she didn't forget that Louis didn't agree to her request. She grabbed his tie with her small hand and shouted, "bastard, you haven't said whether you agree or not!"

"What I did is the answer. Little hedgehog is really a fool." He looked down at her in his arms and smiled slightly.

"You are a hedgehog, you are a fool. Your whole family are hedgehogs and fools." "You didn't say anything. I'm not your mind reader. How can I know your thoughts?"

Louis smiled with expectation in his eyes. "Ha ha, you are scolding yourself in disguise. You are already a member of my family because you live with me."

What was wrong with his mind?


a rolled her eyes and said, "living together doesn't mean we are family!"

isn't it?

A trace of disappointment flashed through [陆慕琛]'s eyes.

However, Sophia didn't notice that.


"Come on, watch out!"

After coming back from the hospital, Louis carefully helped Sophia walk into the villa.

It was not that he didn't want to solve trouble directly, but that he was not allowed to carry Sophia into the villa. In order to take care of the patient's mood, he had to be more troublesome.

Sophia was carried to the sofa. After sitting down, he took off his expensive cuff link, rolled up the cuff link and went to the kitchen. He put the porridge that he had ordered the nanny to cook into a bowl, poured a glass of water, and then brought it out.

"Little hedgehog, eat porridge first and then take medicine."

Without hesitation and minding his calling, Sophia took the bowl and wolfed it down.

She was really hungry.

She had been busy all night and even made herself a patient. How could she not replenish some energy.

She ate three bowls of porridge in a row and then took the medicine under Louis' gaze.

After he finished his work, Louis sat beside Sophia, turned her around and faced him.

Sophia immediately became vigilant. "What do you want to do? You had promised me that you won't get close to me. Don't think that I'm easy to be bullied as I'm injured now. Don't you want to fulfill those three requirements?"

Louis squinted his long and narrow eyes for a while, and then reached out to take the medicine prescribed by the doctor on the glass table and unhurriedly unscrewed it.

Noticing his intention, Sophia bit her lips subconsciously and became more vigilant against him.

Her wound was on her back. If he applied medicine to her wound, she would be naked in front of him.

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