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   Chapter 16 Three Conditions

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It was rare that Louis didn't twist her words this time. He chuckled, stood up and walked towards her step by step.

Seeing the man approaching, Sophia felt a sense of oppression. "You... What are you doing? I... I know Taekwondo... " She stood up from the chair and stepped back.

Under the gaze of his deep and long eyes, she couldn't even have the courage to escape.

Louis raised the corners of his mouth slightly and looked at her meaningfully. "In such a big villa, there are only you and me, a man and a woman..."

He didn't finish his sentence, but Sophia understood what he meant immediately. "I'm not a saucy woman."

"You're not a decent woman, or you wouldn't have broken into this place!" Louis approached her and stretched out his arm to her.

Sophia slapped away his hand and took a step back awkwardly, forgetting that behind her was the bookshelf. She hit the bookshelf with too much strength, and knocked on the protruding ring of the bookshelf.

Before she could react, Louis held her waist with one hand and pulled her into his arms. He gently rubbed her back with the other hand and said, "It hurts, right? If you don't dodge..."

"It's all your fault!" Sophia was so painful that she couldn't stand up straight. But she didn't forget to raise her head and stare at the culprit in front of her.

With this watery eyes looking at him, Louis's eyes glimmered with a strange look. But when he thought of her tears bursting out because of the pain on her back, he frowned slightly and said, "Go to my room. I'll apply some medicine for you."

Sophia was shocked. Apparently, she had misunderstood Louis's words.

She said quickly, "No, thanks for your kindness."

After saying that, she

pushed Louis away without giving him a chance to react. However, she was too painful to stand straight because of her great strength and fast speed on pushing him.

As a result, she bumped into the bookshelf again in the same place and with the same wound.

Hearing the painful groan of Sophia, Louis frowned more tightly and stared at her coldly. "You broke into here to steal. Do you want to go to jail?"

Sophia paused. She didn't know why Louis didn't mention it before, but chose to mention it at this time. But she had no choice. Firstly, she was caught by Louis; Secondly, her back was very painful now. She wanted to escape, but she was powerless.

She moved two steps aside, leaned against the bookshelf without a loop, and said weakly, "Do I still have a choice now?"

Hearing her weak voice, Louis frowned and said, "Joey is my brother. I promised him to take good care of you."

At first, Sophia didn't realize what was going on. Until the name "Joey" stayed in her mind for two seconds, she remembered that last time when Joey called her and asked her to move in with Louis. Later, Louis also said this to her in the Ning family, but she refused at that time.

But now... "So, you mean you won't hold me accountable as long as I move in with you?"

Louis looked at the sweat on her forehead, running all the way from her cheek to her chin, and finally fell to the ground and into the carpet. The scene that she also sweated on his forehead that night came to his mind.

At that time, she was very seductive, very dependent on him, and now she was so painful to guard against him, as if she had changed into another person.

Thinking of this, he said in a low voice, "I have three conditions."

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