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   Chapter 13 Being Beaten

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When Sophia came to her senses, she was carried out of the hall. As for Linda and her bodyguards, no one dared to stop Louis.

"Hey, what are you doing? Put me down." Sophia pounded on Louis's back with her hands and kicked her feet, trying to get rid of him.

"Clap!" In response, he gave Sophia a slap.

Sophia was stunned.

After a while, she screamed and struggled more fiercely, "ah! You bastard, bastard, bastard! "

As a result——


Another crisp and loud slap sounded.

Then came Louis's deep and magnetic voice, "Could you be more obedient!" As he spoke, he clapped two more times.

However, Sophia was completely blown up.

"Damn it! I'm going to kill you!" Sophia raised her head and wanted to straighten up to pinch Louis's neck, but she didn't notice that Louis had already carried her to the side of the car and wanted to throw her into it.

As a result, with a bang, her head hit the roof of the car. It was so painful that she burst into tears.

Hearing the noise, Louis quickly threw her to the back seat and sat in. He reached out his hand to check her head and said, "How is it? Is it serious? Should we go to the hospital?"

Sophia covered her forehead to avoid Louis's hand. He roared, "Go to the fucking hospital. If it weren't you, I wouldn't hit the roof. It's all your fault. " She glared at Louis with sharp eyes.

But her almond eyes were filled with mist, without any momentum. Instead, they gave people a tearful and pitiful look.

A strange look flashed through Louis's eyes. He stared at the head of Sophia then looked down slowly.

Sophia's face immediately turned red.

"Bastard!" She pounced on Louis angrily and stretched out her hands to his neck. "I'll strangle you to death!"

But before she could touch his neck, her hands were stopped by Louis quickly.

Sophia felt dizzy.

It was not until then that she realized what had happened. On impulse, she threw herself into his arms.

Sophia regretted deeply.

"But you threw yourself at me. Isn't that the best explanation?" Louis smiled charmingly.

Sophia was so nervous that her heart was about to jump out of her throat.

Seeing the frown on Sophia's face, Louis's eyes flashed with a smile and disappeared in an instant.

"I know I was wrong." She admitted her mistake decisively. Heroes do not eat the immediate loss. As long as she could escape this disaster, it wouldn't be too late to beat back in the future.

Having made up her mind, Sophia bit her lips, narrowed her eyes slightly, and looked at Louis pitifully. "Please forgive me this time!"

"Oh, you know you are wrong? Do you know what you did wrong? " Although Lou

is stopped.

"I shouldn't have used you, scolded you, and strangled you. I really know I was wrong. Please forgive me this time." Sophia said quickly, even used a respectful title.

She raised her head abruptly and bumped into Louis's head.

She exerted all her strength. Not only it was painful, she also felt dizzy.

She shook her head several times, and before Louis could react, Sophia broke free from his grip and pushed him away. She stood up and was about to open the door to jump out of the car, but she stopped when she heard Louis's words.

"Don't you want to know what I mean by saying 'Get everything of the Ning family' to Mrs. Linda?"

Clenching the doorknob of the car for a few seconds, Sophia finally turned to look at Louis.

Louis patted his forehead gently and looked at Sophia with his hand supporting his body.

Looking at Louis, Although Sophia felt a little dizzy and painful, but she was very happy. She turned around and sat straight, with her left body leaning against the door. Her slender hand was less than two centimeters away from the door handle.

"Mr. Louis, you can talk or explain, but don't touch me, or... You understand." A smile appeared on Sophia's face, and her almond eyes were full of provocation.

Looking at her bright and smart black eyes, Louis slightly raised the corners of his mouth and said in a deep voice, "I don't understand. How about you teach me!"

There was a faint smile on his handsome face, which was very graceful and charming. However, Sophia felt scared and subconsciously didn't want to stay in the narrow space in the car with Louis.

"Fine. I can check it myself." Sophia turned around, opened the door and was about to get off.

Louis was not in a hurry. While tidying up his appearance, he said slowly

"On the surface, the Ning group is under your mother's control, but there is a force secretly operating it. This force is very scattered, but it is spread all over the important entrances of the whole Ning group, and it can't be noticed at all. However, this force can overturn your mother's control and drive her out of the position of chairman and president."

He put on his tie again, turned his head to look at Sophia, who was one foot outside the car, and continued, "But I don't know why this force is silent. It must have something to do with your father!"

With a straight face, Sophia stared at Louis and asked, "What do you want to say?"

Otherwise, Louis would not explain it to her on purpose, but did not make it clear in front of Linda.

Louis stared at her almond shaped eyes and said word by word, "There is something wrong with your father's death."

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