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   Chapter 11 Sansa's Scheme

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Putting this matter behind, Sophia stopped a taxi, got in it and left away.

She didn't go back to her dormitory because she had promised Linda to marry Joey. Vivi was angry with her and was having a cold war with her, so she checked in at a hotel.

She lived here for three days and went to and off work as usual, without being disturbed.

At nine o'clock in the morning, as soon as Sophia arrived at the detective office, her phone in her bag rang. She took it out and was surprised to see that it was William.

In the past three days, no one called her. Now William called her

After hesitating for a while, Sophia picked up the phone.

As soon as the phone was connected, there was a strange voice on the phone before she could speak. "Oh, you answered the phone so quickly. It just rang a few times. Do my sister look forward to receiving your brother-in-law's call so much?"

Sophia's face darkened. "Sansa, if you have something to say, just say it. I don't have time to chat with you."

"Look at my sister. If your brother-in-law calls you now, you will have a lot of time, won't you?"

Sophia frowned and was about to hang up the phone when Sansa said, "Today is the day to go back home. I'm here to remind you not to forget. But you don't have a car yourself. Do you want your sister and brother-in-law to pick you up?"

Don't the three words "brother-in-law", "brother-in-law" and "brother-in-law" just meant to make her unhappy?

Sophia sneered, "I'm busy."

"Wait, sister, don't hang up in a hurry." said Sansa in a gentle voice, "Don't you want to see your brother-in-law? He wants to see you so much that he even got sick. If you wouldn't come, he would have been dead. "

"What do you mean?" Sophia's voice turned cold.

"I mean..." After deliberately dragging for a while to attract the attention of Sophia, Sansa said with a smile, "You will know it when you come, won't you?"

Then she hung up the phone, leaving no time for Sophia to react.

With the phone in her hand, Sansa deleted the call log with Sophia, and a sly smile appeared at the corners of her mouth

Hearing the busy tone on the phone, Sophia clenched her pink lips subconsciously.

What did Sansa mean?

Sophia couldn't figure it out, but she knew it was a trap set by Sansa. But it was related to William, so even if she knew it was a trap, she had to break it.

After asking for leave from her boss, she took a taxi back to the Ning family.

The servants of the Ning family were all busy. Although they saw her, they continued to work just like no one came, but she was used to it.

There was no one in the hall. She went straight to the sofa and sat down.

Before the sofa was warm, a servant came to tell her that Sansa was waiting for her in the study on the second floor.

Sophia's dark eyes looked at the stairs to the second floor and her delicate eyebrows frowned.

What the hell did Sansa want to do?

She stood up and went straight to the second floor.

But when she just passed the first room on the second floor, she heard a woman's coquettish gasp moan.

"Be gentle... …… Don't... exert so much strength... Wil... liam... HMM... "

She didn't respond to the first several sentences. But when she heard the word "William" behind that, her face turned pale and she took a step back unconsciously.

Sophia's almond eyes stared at the unlocked door and saw the two bodies overlapped from the little crack.

She was an adult, and she had experienced it herself some time ago. Naturally, she knew what it meant.

Was this Sansa's plan? She deliberately let

her see what she and William were doing, which made her heartbroken.

Obviously, Sansa had achieved her goal.

Sophia felt her face wet. She reached out to wipe it, only to find that her face was covered with tears.

When she compromised to Linda, she had got ready for the wedding, the kiss, and the physical relationship between Sansa and William. But when she saw it with her own eyes, her heart was still very painful, as if it was tightly grasped and unable to breathe.

She didn't want to see them again, and she didn't have the courage to push the door open to stop them.

Because she was no longer qualified. She had lost this qualification since she promised Linda to marry Joey.

Sophia turned around and ran downstairs.

However, just as her figure disappeared outside the door, in the room, Sansa let go of William's lips. William was sweating, his face flushed, and his eyes were blurred, as if he had been drugged. He kept calling her name, "Sophia, Sophia..."

As he called, his action became more and more violent.

Sansa clenched her lips and endured his bump, but her eyes were as vicious as snakes, terrifying.

When Sophia ran downstairs, she saw Linda sitting on the sofa.

As soon as Linda saw her, his face turned pale and her tone was unpleasant. "Today is a good day for Sansa to come back. You look dejected?"

In a bad mood, Sophia didn't want to quarrel with Linda. Ignoring her words, she quickly walked out, but was stopped by the bodyguards beside her.

Although she didn't want to, it didn't mean that Linda would let her go.

It took a lot of effort for Linda to settle the wedding matter. To prevent the video from spreading out, she gave up most of the benefits of Ning Group. However, Sansa's reputation had been ruined. There was a rumor in the upper class that Sansa was a slut. As long as someone is sex master, he could play with her. Moreover, Linda abused Sophia these years, this mother was even worse than a stepmother.

How could Linda don't resent Sophia after that.

Her beloved daughter and her reputation that she had worked hard for all these years were destroyed. It was all Sophia's fault.

In Linda's heart, she was certain that the person who released the video at the wedding was Sophia. Also, what Sophia did at the wedding made her hate her completely. She had never had a chance to get even with her before, so how could she let her go.

"Isn't it just a man who deserves you to cry so sadly? I have never seen you so sad even when your short-lived father died! "

Sophia turned back. Her almond eyes, which were the same as Linda's, were full of coldness. "Dare you say it again?"

Linda was stunned. She had never seen Sophia like this.

The coldness in her eyes seemed can freeze her.

But this didn't affect her. "What? Did I say anything wrong? Your father died early. If he is not short-lived, who is short-lived? "

With flames of fury in her eyes, Sophia ran to Linda and seized her neck before she could react. "How could you say that about my father? How could you say that? He is your husband, and the father of Sansa!"

She had never hated her so much like now, even though Linda abused her before.

"Ahem..." Linda couldn't get rid of her hands. The bodyguards at the door rushed to help fortunately.

There were a lot of people. Even though Sophia had learned Taekwondo, she was outnumbered. Soon she was subdued by two bodyguards.

It was not easy for Linda to catch her breath. Looking at Sophia who was pressed in front of her, Linda slapped her in the face without saying anything.

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