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   Chapter 8 Special Taste Video

Love Tricks: Trap A Sweetie By You Xi Characters: 6839

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But no one explained to her.

Sophia turned her head and stared at Louis, who made the decision for her without authorization. "You..."

But when she just uttered one word, Louis put his slender fingers on her red lips and said, "Shh! I'll give you a surprise later. You have to repay me!" He stared at her red lips with his deep eyes and wiped them gently with his fingers.

Sophia slapped off Louis' hand and scolded, "rogue!" She turned around and was about to leave.

"In that case, I'll take the title!" As he spoke, he stretched out his long arms and held her waist, pulling her into his arms.

Sophia subconsciously reached her hand out to push his chest, but was grabbed by him. "Good girl, please watch a good show. It's free."

As soon as he finished speaking, someone screamed, followed by more screaming.

Sophia had forgotten that she was still in Louis' arms. She looked at the gathering place, only to find that everyone was staring at one place. Followed their eyesight, she looked over.

The projector, which was supposed to be displaying the wedding photos of Sansa and William, turned into several bodies

Although the private parts were blurred, the heroine's enchanting figure, pure and beautiful face, and her almond shaped eyes were also charming. Wasn't she Sansa, one of the pure and lovely brides at the moment?

But the man was not any one of the two bridegrooms, but three ugly and strong strangers.

"Well..." Sophia was shocked.

But all the guests present were in an uproar. After all, it was played in the projector and everyone could see it.

"Oh my God! That's too shocking! Four people!'

"I didn't expect that the most beautiful lady in Y City is a single woman whose surname is Yu with libido!"

"It's worthy to download. It's more excellent than the pornography in Japan."

Sansa was dumbfounded and stared blankly at the woman wriggling her waist in the video. Linda reacted quickly, "Paul, turn it off. Ask someone to turn it off."

"No, I can't turn it off. The computer is under the control of a hacker," he answered in a hurry when he heard Lina's voice

"Then Then turn off the power. Hurry up. " Sweat began to form on Linda's forehead, but she didn't have time to wipe it. She hurried to the screen and tried to cover it with her hands, but the eighty inch screen couldn't be covered by her.

"You are not allowed to shoot or record. It's fake. It's PS. We'll find out the person who made the video and sue him. If you record this video and spread it out, our Ning Family will not let you go either. "

As if her threat had worked, the guests all stopped.

Seeing that Linda was relieved, Sophia sneered. How could she let her wish come true.

Pretending to be surprised, Sophia said in confusion, "Oh, how can it be fake? It's true. Mother, don't fool people who don't understand.'

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Linda glared at Sophia.

"Have you forgotten that I'm a detective and I'm quite good at this aspect? With my insight, I can judge that this is the original video."

Sophia added, as if she felt that Linda's face was not bad enough. "No editing, no traces of PS. I can guarantee it with my head."

Louis lowered his head and looked at the woman in his arms. The smile in his eyes deepened.

"Sophia, this joke is not funny. Stop it." Linda gnashed her teeth and warned.

It seemed that Sophia di

dn't hear her. She looked at her with her clear and bright almond-liked eyes and said, "I'm not kidding. This is the truth!"

"It's you, right? You asked someone to send this video. Sophia, how can you be so cruel? How can you frame me like this? I'm your sister! "

Sansa came to her senses at this time. She didn't explain or defend herself, but directly dragged Sophia into the muddy water. Anyway, her reputation had been ruined, so why could hers still be clean.

Sophia shrugged her shoulders and didn't show any guilt on her face. "What do you want to say? You have a big mouth, and I can't stop you. But I'm not you. You are always scheming and trying to frame me. I have a lot of work to do every day, and a lot of clients are waiting for me to deal with. I don't have the time to do these things. But you... "

After a pause, Sophia changed the subject, "can you stand to have sex with three men?"


As soon as Sophia finished her words, the wedding scene burst into laughter.

But Louis didn't smile. He stared at the woman in his arms and felt a little depressed.

They hadn't seen each other for sixteen years. She had changed from a simple and cute little girl to a hedgehog with thorns all over her body today.

He missed her growth, so he was now guarded outside her heart.

Well, as long as he can engaged in her life in the future, everything would be fine.

Louis smiled and continued to watch the play.

Sansa 's face turned red, but she was angry.

"Sophia, you are so vicious. What's the benefit of framing your sister like this?" Linda wanted to rush over and strangle Sophia, but now she had a strong backer.

With a cold expression in her eyes, Sophia didn't call Linda as mother. "Ms. Zhao, you are so sure that it was me who did it. Both of us are your daughters and the flesh that fell from your body. Why do you have a preference to her? If I were your adopted daughter, I could understand, but I am your biological daughter! "

Lind was stunned. Before she could say anything, Sansa's aggressive voice had spread all over the wedding. "Don't change the topic. Sophia, I know you like William. You have done everything you can to destroy the wedding!" At this moment, she was so angry that she didn't have time to pretend to be a good sister.

"Do you think William will abandon me and marry you after ruining my reputation? Don't think that. I'm the one William loves and he's going to marry. " Sansa glanced at Sophia, with undisguised disdain and complacency in her eyes.

Sophia frowned and looked at William.

Since the video was released, he didn't get angry or question her. Instead, he kept silent as a background.

It seemed that everything had nothing to do with him. He was just an outsider.

Feeling that Sophia was looking at him, he took a look at her, turned his face and looked away.

Seeing this, Sansa showed a successful smile. She walked gracefully to William with small steps and held his hand. His body stiffened, but he did not shake off her. "Dear Will, no matter how bad I am, you will never leave me, will you?"


It was silence that answered Sansa, but Sophia's heart clenched.

William didn't refuse Sansa immediately, which meant everything.

Sure enough, when everyone thought he wouldn't answer, he said some words, which made Sophia heartbroken, "you are my wife, of course I won't."

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