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   Chapter 7 Will You Be My Wife

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Sophia said angrily. "You could only take advantage of me verbally."

She was the one who was at a disadvantage!

"Really?" Louis looked at her with a meaningful smile.

Sophia was a little stunned, and then glared at Louis. "You bastard!"

After saying that, the people who had been acting as the background since Louis appeared almost reflexively stepped back, trying to minimize their sense of existence.

However, there was no joy or anger on Louis's handsome face. He just fixed his deep charming eyes on Sophia.

When everyone thought he was going to get angry, he grinned and said, "I'm a bastard."

"Well, that's enough. If we don't start the wedding, we will miss the auspicious time."

There was a hint of helplessness in Louis's tone, as if he was tolerating a child who was making trouble out of nothing, which made Sophia angry and annoyed.

Before Sophia could say anything else, Louis looked at his assistant Hans coldly.

Without waiting for Louis's answer, Hans knew what he meant. "Mr. Louis, everything is ready."

The wedding began again, but no one had asked the bride's mother. Linda was so angry that her body trembled, but she held it back.

When the Wedding March began, Sophia was moved to the front and entered the hall first. Ignoring the jealous eyes of Sansa behind her, she walked towards the main stage under everyone's gaze, with a bunch of flowers in her hands.

There were two grooms standing on the main stage. One was William, who was gentle, but gazed at Sophia with pain and affection in his eyes, and the other was Louis, who was handsome, cold and elegant, would replace the groom to marry her.

The two beautiful men with different temperament, but Sophia didn't look at anyone. She looked straight ahead and walked forward unhurriedly.

She just wanted to finish it as soon as possible.

Louis, who was standing on the left side of the main stage, stood straight and stared at Sophia with his deep charming eyes.

As she got closer and closer, his body became more and more tense.

When she walked to the main stage, he didn't wait any longer. He walked to her with his long legs and reached out his hands to her.

Staring at the pair of slender and thick hands in front of her, for some reason, she felt a little nervous.

"Leave you to me. I'll protect you from now on." Louis said word by word seriously.

Astonishment flashed through Sophia's eyes. She looked up at Louis.

Was it her illusion?

Otherwise, why did she feel that Louis was not replacing the groom to marry her, but he was holding a ceremony with her seriously?

Seeing that Sophia didn't respond, Louis held her jade like hands.

His warm and thick hands instantly warmed her slightly cold hands.

Sophia struggled, but she didn't shake off. Instead, she was held more tightly by him.

His magnetic voice came to her ears, "Stop it. Everyone is watching."

His doting tone made Sophia have an illusion.

When she came to her senses, she was led to the emcee by Louis.

"Sophia, are you willing to be my wife, my only partner and lover in my life?" After saying that, Louis clenched his fists.

Sophia subconsciously looked to the right. Coincidentally, William also looked at her. The two people's eyes met.

Sophia had an impulse to rush over and run into William's hug.

However, the next moment, a figure stood in front of her. As she looked up, she saw Louis staring at her. In his long and narrow eyes, there were two little figures of her.

"Sophia, are you willing to be my wife?" There were some anger in his voice.

Could she refuse?

Obviously not.

She sighed in her heart and said, "I do."

As soon as she finished her words, Louis raised the corners of his mouth. He loosened his grip and looked at the emcee with deep eyes.

The emcee continued, "Please exchange the rings as the wedding token, indicating that you should give your most precious love, like the most precious gift to each other."

Taking out the ring from Hans, Louis gently raised Sophia's hand. Putting the slightly cold ring on her ring finger, he said casually, "You are mine now."

Squinting at Louis, Sophia took the ring and put it on Louis's finger and 'kindly' reminded him "I'm sorry. You are just replacing the groom."

Louis didn't refute, but looked at Sophia with more unfathomable eyes.

"Now, I solemnly declare that you have become a couple. You will live a beautiful and happy life together in the future."

As soon as his words faded away, a warm applause burst out.

Sophia breathed a sigh of relief.

It was finally completed.

However, as soon as she came up with this idea, she heard the emcee say, "Groom, you can kiss your bride now."


To replace the groom and complete the wedding, the fake groom also need to kiss the bride?

"I'll start!" A smile flashed across Louis's eyes. He reached out his hand to hold the back of Sophia's head and slowly lowered his head.

Sophia raised her hand and slapped Louis across the face. Louis reacted quickly and blocked her hand.

"Are you going to abuse me?"

Sophia glared at Louis with burning eyes. She struggled to get rid of his grip on her head and took two steps back. "The ceremony is over. I'm sure I'm fine." Then she turned around and left.

The situation suddenly changed. Looking at the leaving Sophia, the guests were confused. Obviously, they had forgotten that Louis was here to marry Sophia on behalf of Joey!

Louis turned around and explained, "She is shy." Then he gave Hans a look and chased after Sophia.

Sansa held the arm of William, and stopped him from chasing out. Her almond eyes looked at Sophia with jealousy and resentment and she shouted, "Sophia, there's a party tonight. Don't forget to come!"

Sophia stopped. Before she could say anything, Louis had answered on behalf of Sophia, "Are you sure? You'd better look at the big surprise first before making the decision!"

The pleasant, magnetic voice was somewhat sexy and mysterious, which gave Sansa a bad feeling.

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