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   Chapter 5 A One-person Wedding

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The Ning family was a rich family in Y City. The marriage of the eldest daughter and the youngest daughter was naturally high-profile and luxurious.

Since the sudden death of the master of the Ning family, the Ning Group had been on the decline and had lost the position of the most powerful group in Y City. However, a starved camel is still bigger than a horse. There were many people who wanted to get involved with the Ning Group, so they naturally won't be absent from the two weddings together.

So half of the upper class in Y City came.

However, to everyone's surprise, as the husband's family, none of the Sheng Family came, and the groom did not appear at this high-profile and luxurious wedding

When Sophia heard the news from Sansa, her almond eyes glanced at her, a flash of sadness appeared in Sophia's eyes, and then disappeared in an instant.

She was sad not because there was no groom in the wedding, but because this ridiculous wedding would completely cut off her relationship with William. In the future, they would no longer be a couple, but brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Having not seen the sadness and disappointment on Sophia's face, Sansa felt a little regretful.

However, she quickly adjusted herself and said worriedly, "Sophia, the auspicious time is coming. Do you think we should wait for Mr.Joey? May..." She looked at Sophia cautiously and said, "Maybe he is on their way here because he got up late."

Hearing this, Sophia sneered in her heart and said coldly, "No, I can complete the wedding by myself!" If she didn't know Sansa's nature, she would have been deceived by her appearance.

Sansa was stunned. She didn't expect that Sophia would react like this.

However, it would be more wonderful for a one-person wedding!

"In order not to delay the auspicious time, we have no choice."

At the auspicious time, Sophia dressed in a pure white wedding dress, followed Sansa and Galen with a bouquet in her hand.

Her father died at an early age, so no one held her hand because she was not lucky enough to have a godfather like Galen.

When the three of them walked into the wedding scene, Sophia felt a burning sight fell on her. She raised her head slightly, but met a pair of eyes full of grief and helplessness. She paused. Then she quickened her pace and walked towards the owner of the eyes.

Seeing the action of Sophia, William's dim eyes lit up and he walked towards her subconsciously.

However, before the two of them took a few steps, Sophia saw Galen and Sansa standing in front of William.

Galen handed Sansa's hand to William, "William, I'll leave Sansa to you. You must treat her well, protect her, and take good care of her in the future!"

Sansa looked up at him shyly and quickly lowered her head.

William looked at Sansa]'s hand, but he didn't take it. Instead, he looked at her.

The two of them stared at each other in the air.

At that moment, Sophia almost burst into tears.

She smiled at William coldly and indifferently. Before he could react, she forced herself to look away and walk to the main platform.

When she passed by William, she didn't change her steps, but a crystal clear tear fell from her eyes.

After a long time, William didn't respond. Sansa looked up at him and followed his gaze, seeing Sophia standing alone on the left side of the main platform. Her eyes darkened. But she recovered soon. She looked at William worriedly and asked, "William, are you okay?"

William looked away and answered coldly, "No." He took Sansa from Galen and led her to the stage.

The wedding ceremony went on.

However, because Sophia announced the marriage vow alone.

This strange pheno

menon caused a lot of discussion and criticism.

"The bridegroom doesn't show up, and the whole family doesn't come either. They don't pay much attention to the wedding, do they?"

"Isn't it normal? Joey is not Jack, and Sophia is not the most famous lady in Y City, Sansa. One is abandoned, and the other is a loser. They are a perfect match! Besides, I heard that Joey is a... gay?"

"No way. If Joey is a gay, why would Miss Sophie of the Ning family marry him?"

"It is said that Miss Sophie fell in love with her brother-in-law, William. She failed to confess her love to him, and failed to drug him. Then she abandoned herself and went around to have one night stand. After that, she even forced herself to marry the eldest son of the Sheng Family, otherwise she would suicide. More capriciously, she demanded to complete the wedding on the same day. What a shame! Maybe Mr. Joey is still sleeping in which man's bed! "

Hearing these words, Sophia frowned and clenched her lower lip. She was full of anger, but there was nowhere to vent it.

Unless she wanted to ruin her father's reputation and William!

However, she could bear it, but William couldn't see her being slandered.

He clenched his fists and took a big step forward, wanted to walk to Sophia. But the next second, he was grabbed by Sansa.

Sansa glanced at Sophia and said to him slightly, "Think about your parents!"

This sentence is very ordinary without ups and downs, but William's face changed dramatically.

After hesitating for a while, he finally didn't take a step forward.

The slander became more and more offensive. Some people even stood up excitedly and threw the things in front of them at Sophia.

Noticing this, Sophia quickly lifted her dress and kicked the smashed items to the ground. Then she slowly withdrew her feet in front of everyone's shocked eyes.

Her darkened eyes looked at Sansa, who had already hidden in the safe zone, and opened her mouth wanted to say something. She felt a breeze coming from the left. She turned around and saw a bottle of water smashing at her.

At the same time, William also noticed the water bottle flying to Sophia. He wanted to go up, but was grabbed by Sansa beside him. "Sophia, watch out..."

With a cold look in her eyes, Sophia turned her body to avoid it. Suddenly, her waist was locked by a force, and she stepped aside, bumping into a warm and strong chest.

The strange breath and warm embrace brought the frightened Sophia back to her senses. She raised her head and looked at the handsome and familiar face. "Louis..."

The sudden change made everyone stop. They all looked at Louis in shock. And the wedding scene, which was as noisy as the vegetable market, settled down.

Louis glanced at the bottle that was running out of water on the ground and squinted dangerously. Then he looked down at the woman in his arms who was still in a daze.

Seeing that she was not hurt, he raised his eyes and slowly glanced at the people off the stage, without any warmth in his eyes. "Are you here for the wedding or for a murder?"

His voice was calm without any ups and downs, but it made the murderer subconsciously swallow and want to run away.

It was so quiet that even a needle fell to the ground would be heard by everyone.

William shook off Sansa's hand and stepped forward anxiously. "Sophia, how's it going? Were you hurt?" Then he reached out his hand to Sophia.

Louis frowned slightly and held her tightly. He dodged and avoided his hand.

After a pause, William withdrew his hand and clenched his fists.

Sophia recovered from just then, eyes complicated, "I'm fine. Thank you for your concern, brother-in-law!"

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