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   Chapter 4 You Are Only My Brother-In-Law From Now On

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Linda's suppressed anger was provoked again. She grabbed the pillow behind her and threw it at Sophia. "Sophia!"

"Mommy!" Sansa shouted.

Sophia's eyes darkened. She put her clenched fists on the chest and then lifted her foot to kick.

"Crack!" The pillow was kicked back and fell on the glass table in front of Linda with a loud noise.

Looking at the two people who were frightened by her, Sophia slowly withdrew her feet, lowered her hands and said coldly, "I'm no longer the person who allowed you to beat and scold at in the past. This is the last time, I won't do it again. Otherwise my feet wouldn't be as simple as kicking on a pillow."

"Unfilial daughter..."

"Calm down, mom." Sansa hurried to stop her, and then looked at Sophia with a complicated expression in her eyes. "Don't blame mom, Sophia. She was exhausted because of me. It's inevitable that she is a little angry."

"Ha ha! She should not have vented her anger on me. It seems that I still have this effect! Today I finally know! " Sophia looked at the mother and daughter sarcastically.

Logically speaking, the gap between her and Sansa was less than half an hour. Why was the gap between her and Sansa so great!

Sansa was speechless.

The atmosphere quieted down.

After a long time, Galen went downstairs with a laptop in his hand. He walked quickly to Linda and whispered in her ear.

His voice was too low, and Sophia was a little far away from him, so she couldn't hear what he said.

But Linda cast a scornful glance at her, knowing that it must have something to do with her.

Then, Galen handed the notebook to Linda. Without even looking at it, she pushed it out. "Sophia, look at what you have done. I have no face to look at it!"

Full of doubts, Sophia walked over and casually glanced at the screen of the computer. She was immediately shocked by the content of the video that was being played in the computer.

Curious, Sansa leaned over. When she saw the content played on the computer, she was so shocked that she couldn't even say a complete sentence. "This, this, this..."

"Clap!" Sophia closed the computer and looked at Linda indifferently, "tell me, what's your purpose?"

If she didn't know that it was a trap specially designed for her, she would live for twenty-one years in vain.

No wonder she got the news that Louis was in Vilna Hotel so easily. Maybe it was Linda who released the news to investigate Louis to the detective office. But she didn't know what role Louis played in this game, the one who was calculated or the one who was calculated.

However, when she thought that she had heard that the Ning Group was bidding for a piece of land with the YH Group, she thought that the former was more likely. Linda held the video of her sleeping with Louis. Considering his face, he wouldn't say anything. Then she could not only threaten Louis to get the land, but also threaten her.

What a good plan.

Hearing what Sophia said, Linda didn't deny it. She took the file bag from Galen and pushed it in front of her. Seeing that Sophia opened it, she took out the pre marriage check-up form and said, "fill in this form and take it to Renai hospital for check-up tomorrow morning. We had informed the hospital"

Sophia frowned and asked, "what do you mean?"

"I think you don't know that your father had an agreement with the former head of the Sheng Family. Now the young master of the family is coming back from abroad and asks the Ning Family to fulfill the engagement."

"Ha ha..." Sophia laughed so loudly that tears were about to come out. "So this is why you set me up. You are really a" qualified "mother!"

Linda wasn't annoyed by her sarcastic words. "This are the only you and your sister two daughters in the Ning Family. Your sister is not fit for the time being." The implication was that Sophia was the suitable one.


"Because you are the daughter of Alex, unless you want him to die and have to be cursed for breaking his promise; because of the video just now, unless you want to make the video of sleeping with Louis publicly; because you want William to be ruined. Even if he was drunk that night and didn't have sex with Sansa, they were still in the same bed. William even treated her as you, ignoring her resistance and kissing her. The video and photos all prove that he forced her, unless you want to destroy him! "

"You, it's you..." With her black eyes wide open and her face as pale as paper, Sophia trembled all over.

She was so st

upid. Why didn't trust him that day. If she had chosen to trust him and investigated the matter on the spot, she wouldn't have come to this point.

She and he were still sweet. They didn't break up and she didn't lose her virginity

However, it was too late to say anything now.

"Let me Think about it. " It took her all her strength to say that.

"Think it over. Give me your reply tomorrow morning. It depends on whether you want to ruin the reputation of your father who loves you so much, or to ruin the reputation of William and you and become rats across the street, or he marries another woman but you marry another one. These are all your wishful thinking. " Linda said coldly.

Without saying anything, Sophia staggered out of the Ning Family, exhausted.

Looking at the disappearing figure of Sophia, Sansa, who had been silent for a long time, sat next to Linda, held her arm and said pitifully, "Mom, I like William. i don't want to marry the son of the Sheng Family."

Linda hugged her back and said lovingly, "Okay, okay, okay. You can marry whoever you like. If you don't want to marry the young master of the Sheng Family, you needn't marry him. The young master of the Shengs has left for sixteen years, and we have forgotten what he looks like. Why does he want to marry you as soon as he returns home? Moreover, he is just a powerless young master, and he doesn't even have the right to inherit. It made him just like a disabled person."

A ray of successful light flashed through Sansa's almond-liked eyes, but it disappeared in an instant. She looked at Linda worriedly, "but is it really good to let Sophia marry him? I heard that he is a homosexual..."

"She will be happy. After all, the young master of the Sheng Family grew up together with her."


In a daze, Sophia went back to her dormitory, threw herself on the bed and threw herself into the quilt. She wrapped herself tightly in the quilt.

What should she do now?

If she didn't marry the master and William didn't marry Sansa, not only her father's reputation would be ruined, but the video would also be exposed. How could she and he still stay in Y City!

If she married the young master and William married Sansa, then she and he would

"Sophia, you're finally back. Where did you go last night? I called you, but your phone was turned off and you didn't come back to the dormitory! " While Sophia was lost in various fancies and conjectures, the door of the dormitory was opened, followed by a familiar voice.

After a short silence, Sophia said sulkily, "I went home! "

She didn't know how to tell Vivi what happened last night.

"Go home? The Ning Family? Is it because of your sister? Last time, she deliberately created a misunderstanding and let you catch adultery in bed. Did she pretend to vomit this time to make you misunderstand her pregnancy? " "I'm telling you, whether you hear it or see it with your own eyes, it's not necessarily true," said Vivi, sitting on the bed

Sophia closed her eyes, unwilling to let Vivi notice the endless sadness in her eyes.

"You have known William for nearly ten years. Don't you know what kind of person he is? When your father passed away suddenly, your mother and sister were against you. He had been taking care of you all the time. If he hadn't been there... "

"Yes, without him, I might have been crazy or dead!" "I already know what to choose," said Sophia without waiting for Vivi's answer

"That's good!" Seeing that Sophia sat up on the bed and made a phone call, Vivi breathed a sigh of relief. She stood up to get some water to drink. At the moment she turned around, a trace of sadness flashed through her eyes.

"William, thank you for all these years. Without you, I wouldn't be who I am today. I really appreciate what you have done for me. Thank you." After answering the phone, Sophia didn't give William a chance to speak. "But you know me. I hate betrayal and irresponsibility the most in my life. Since you have sex with my sister, please be responsible for her. Don't let me look down you."

"I hope we can meet in the future. You are you and I am I. Brother in law. "

With a loud bang, Sophia finished her words.

"What did you say?" Ignoring the cup on the ground, Vivi walked quickly to the bedside, grabbed her shoulders with her trembling hands and questioned her. "Do you know what you are talking about?"

When the phone slipped down, Sophia didn't answer. She looked at the ceiling blankly and cried silently

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