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   Chapter 3 I Don't Have Time To Act With You

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Louis stared at Sophia for a long time as he contemplated over a few things.

Seeing the mixed feeling showing on her face, the tips of his lips inched up at the thought as he stepped closer.

"There is something we can do."

Sophia's eyes lit up as she whipped her head to look at him. "What?"

Setting the pillow on the mattress, Louis bent over and whispered in her ear. "It's actually very simple. Marry me."

His warm breath fanned her ear. Sophia's eyes widened as she stumbled backwards.

"Hell no!" She pushed him back.

However, when her fingers grazed against his warm chest, she could feel his muscles rippling under her fingertips. Sophia quickly withdrew her hands as if she'd just been scalded.

Louis took this opportunity to get closer towards her.

The fragrance of mint tobacco entered her nostrils. She immediately flashed back to last night when she fell against his arms. She backed away in panic, only to fall back onto the bed.

Before Sophia could sit up, Louis bent over. "Are you really not going to think about it? If you marry me, then all your problems will be solved with a click of my finger."

His well-built body shadowed upon her, but she didn't bother to struggle. It seemed that the sight of her struggling would only encourage him even more. She quickly steadied herself.

"I have a boyfriend," she said calmly.

"Well, you aren't married, are you?" Louis's gaze fell down to her neck. "Does your boyfriend even know that you're behaving like this?"

Following his gaze, Sophia could see the way that the quilt had fallen onto her body highlighted her soft curves and contrasted her fair skin. She looked seductive under the dim light.

She subconsciously covered herself and stared up at the man in front of her. "It's none of your business whether he knows or not. You're just a one night stand," she snapped.

"Oh?" Louis smirked. "Is he not giving you what you want? Is there something wrong with him?"

"Fuck off. You're the one who's wrong," she spat out, not being able to control her emotions anymore. The last thing she needed was for her boyfriend to be dragged into this mess.

Louis smiled. "I guess you're the only one who knows that. How about you don't become my wife then? How about you become my lover?"

he suggested.

Sophia rolled her eyes. In her point of view, the man was a devil, and she couldn't afford to sell her soul to him. "I don't need your help. Get out of the way."

Louis stared at her flushed face and grinned. "As you wish. Just so you know, I'm very satisfied with you."

Sophia blinked, unable to believe that he was actually letting her go.

She stared at him, still in a daze.

A meaningful smile carved into his lips as Louis looked down at her. "In fact, I'm very satisfied with your service. I'm sure you are, as well. I'm looking forward to our next rendezvous!"

It took her minutes for his words to actually sink in. Did he think of her as a hooker?

However, before she could get even with him, he already strode out of the room.

"Louis, you fucking bastard!" she yelled out at the empty space. "You're the hooker."


After taking a shower, Sophia quickly put on her new clothes a waiter sent her

e and left the hotel in a hurry.

As soon as she walked out of the hotel, she took out her phone. She was about to tell her boyfriend what happened between her and Louis only to find that her phone was powered off.

Sophia glanced around, wanting to find a place to charge her phone when a middle-aged man approached her.

"Miss Sophia, Madam wants to see you."

Looking at the blue Porsche behind the man, she frowned. "I'm busy." Without giving him a chance to reply, she stalked away.

However, as she was already a few steps in, she heard the next few words flying out of his mouth. "Madam said that you might be interested in hearing the matter between Mr. William and Miss Sansa."

Sophia finally stopped.

Knowing that she had no other choice, she got inside the car.

Not far away, there was a black Lamborghini watching her every move.

Seeing the Porsche drive away, a pair of attractive eyes withdrew his gaze and turned to Hans Yin. He was his special assistant. "Since Miss Sansa likes binding people so much, find some skilled men to 'serve her'." He smirked.

Hans Yin was stunned.

Didn't the CEO use her?

Did Sansa went out of line to offend him?

However, Hans didn't bother to say another word. Instead, he nodded and said, "Yes, sir."

When Sophia returned to the Ning Villa, the laughter in the hall went to a halt.

Galen Gao, the special assistant of the Ning Group's CEO, nodded at her arrival and went upstairs to the study holding his briefcase. Upon seeing her, Sansa Ning quickly scrambled up from her sofa. "Why are you here?"

"Can't I come back? I mean, this is my home after all." Sophia waved her hand around the house. "Besides, if someone hadn't brought that person to fetch me, I wouldn't have come."

Sansa paled at her words. "I didn't mean that... I just... Lucy didn't prepare your meal, and–"

"Don't even bother." Sophia sneered. Ever since her father passed away, she respected no one in the family–at least, not anymore.

"How dare you talk to Sansa in this manner!" Linda Zhao stomped down the stairs upon hearing Sophia's arrogant words. "She's your twin sister!"

"Mom, please don't blame her. She–she wasn't thinking," Sansa immediately spoke for her, glancing piteously at her twin.

'Wasn't thinking? What the hell was she trying to imply? That I'm brainless? Impulsive?'

Sophia crossed her arms, used to the sudden jibes. "Mrs. Linda, I'm an intern now, and apparently, I don't have time to play nice with you, so say what you want."

Linda Zhao's face reddened with anger.

She clenched her fists, but before she was about to say anything, Sansa took the lead. "Please, Mom, it's rare for my sister to return."

Linda Zhao sighed. "You know that William already took your sister's virginity... but now he doesn't want to admit it. In fact, he doesn't even want to marry her," she said bitterly.

Sophia snorted. So that was what this meeting was about. "You want me to ask William to marry Sansa then?" She scoffed. "Sansa's cheap. She approached a guy who she knew didn't like her, and now that he slept with her, she wanted to request for a ring. And you're so surprised that he outright refused her? Isn't that fucking interesting?"

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