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   Chapter 2 A Domineering Man

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It was already the next day when she finally came to her senses.

She stared blankly at the crystal chandelier and tried to recall the events that had transpired last night.

She remembered that Louis had asked her to loosen the ropes on his body, but she had taken the opportunity to try and bargain with him. Before she could speak any further, he quickly broke through the ropes and pounced at her.

Her face darkened.


This couldn't have happened.

Sophia slowly sat up and grabbed the quilt with her trembling hands. Gulping, she lifted the quilt.

Seeing her naked body, her heartbeat raced in her chest. The truth was already right in front of her. She had betrayed her boyfriend with another man, and in turn, she had already given up her virginity. Tears streamed down her cheeks as her hands shook.

"Fuck!" she yelled out, covering herself again with the quilt.

However, after hearing the rushing water from the bathroom, she knew that this wasn't the right time to think more into it. She needed to get out of here.

Biting her lower lip, Sophia quickly took her clothes scattered across the bed. She didn't want to stay here for another minute, but even before she could put on her clothes, a loud nose came from outside the bedroom.

Soon enough, the door slammed open and a crowd of reporters started bustling in.

Seeing a woman on the bed, every one of them quickly grabbed their camera to take a shot at the compromising sight.

Sophia quickly covered herself with the quilt, but it seemed it was already too late.

One of the reporters aggressively held the microphone to her.

"Miss, what's your relationship with Louis Lu, the president of the YH Group?"

"Louis had mentioned in an interview that he already has a fiancee. Are you aware of this?"


Sophia trembled at the series of questions being thrown at her as she gripped the quilt in her hands.

Louis might have a fiancee, but she had a boyfriend herself! She had already planned to ask her boyfriend out after completing her first task, but now... Now, she was ruined!

Sophia found herself lose in a sea of reporters as they all pushed and pulled for a perfect shot.

"Isn't it just lively?"

A low voice came from behind them.

Hearing the voice, everyone quickly quieted down and stared at the direction of the voice. L

ouis had already walked out from the bathroom, looking incredibly well-dressed.

He had a handsome face with an incredibly defined jawline. His dark eyes were magical. They were narrow and bright. There was just something about them that could draw anyone in.

When they saw him, all the reporters became flustered.

"Lou...Louis," they stuttered out.

Hearing that noisy, Sophia quickly adjusted her quilt. She couldn't help but feel stunned. The man in front of her was totally different from the man who had played with her all night.

His domineering gaze swept around the reporters.

When they met his gaze, they all broke out in cold sweat. Now, they wanted nothing more than to get out of the room. "Louis, I'm sor..sorry!"

Without another word, they all sprinted out.

The room suddenly fell silent.

As soon as he turned around, a pillow flew towards him. Sophia finally sat up. "Bastard," she yelled out.

Louis quickly caught the pillow with his slender hands. He shrugged. "I warned you, didn't I?"

It took her a few minutes to actually calm down. She slowly adjusted her position, staring at him defiantly. "What are you going to do with those reporters?"

"What do you want me to do?" Louis raised his eyebrows.

She frowned.

"Look, just keep it a secret. You may look like you don't care, but the news would definitely affect you. After all, you have a fiancee. Plus, I don't think you want the YH Group's stock to fall because of your blunder, don't you?"

Louis snorted, unaffected by her words.

"It's bound to go down either way, so what?"

Sophia's smile faltered as her hands shook. "I–I'm just a college student," she shouted.

This was no ordinary news. If the news spread, no matter how powerful the YH Group might be, it would be condemned by the public. Plus, even if the company didn't go bankrupt, their losses would be inevitable. So many companies had been trying to catch the YH Group with at least one mistake. They would definitely exploit the hell out of this predicament, but when she told him all of this, he simply shrugged and chuckled.

"Even if I go broke, I can build up another company."

Now, Sophia had no other choice.

It might not be a big deal to lose virginity, but after the fight she just had with her boyfriend, it would definitely be a huge hit to her reputation.

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