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   Chapter 1 Hotel

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In the Vilna Hotel, Y City.

At the door of a presidential suite, Sophia Ning was poking her hairpin into the locks skillfully.

She had already tampered with the camera, and all she needed to do next was to open the door within a minute.

With a small click, the door finally swung open. Sophia Ning looked around. When she saw that no one was in the corridor, she quietly snuck into the room.

With the sound of the door closing right behind her, a woman walked out of the shadow. Her eyes swept across the closed room, and a smile tugged her lips.

There was no one in the living room besides Sophia Ning. However, when she entered the bedroom, she saw a handsome man on a luxurious bed.

Her eyes widened.

What was going on?

The man on the bed was the fiance of the daughter of the Lu Family. He was the president as well as the chairman of the YH Group.

He was none other than Louis Lu.

Was this a joke? She leaned in closer.

No. It was impossible.

"All right." She took a deep breath. "Let's get to work." Sophia Ning quickly took out her lens from her backpack before walking to the bedside.

Without another word, she took dozens of photos.

However, as she glanced at each angle and shot, she felt unsatisfied by her pictures. Her lips twitched. If only he could show more of his body...

She glanced at the comatose man with a gleam in her eyes.

With an evil smile, Sophia Ning kicked off her shoes and climbed on top of the bed. She stretched out her hands.

Twenty centimeters, ten centimeters, five centimeters...

Seeing as her fingertips were about to touch his bath towel, Louis Lu finally opened

his eyes.

Unprepared to meet his deep gaze, Sophia Ning stumbled back as the smile froze on her face.

"How did you get in here?" Louis Lu stared at the woman who had suddenly appeared in front of him. His eyes was filled with astonishment.

Sophia flushed at the accusation. She quickly withdraw her arms. "I just came in. I wasn't trying to molest you," she said quickly. "All I wanted was to take a few..." The word 'pictures' died in her throat.

He followed her gaze to his feet only to find out that he was tied to the bed posts. His eyes glinted with anger as he stared up at the woman.

Of all the things she had done, she had the nerve to tie him up?

"I don't care what you did. Untie me. Now!"

Sophia snorted. "You really think I'm that stupid? No way in hell I would do that now. Plus, I haven't taken my pictures yet." Seeing that he was all tied up, she wanted to use the opportunity to get all the pictures she needed before heading off.

This was the first case she had taken from a detective agency, and all she wanted was a five-star rating from her customer. She readied her camera,

ignoring the man's ferocious glare.

"Shit!" Louis Lu cursed. Right at that moment, he could feel that a certain warm heat was flowing down his system, making him feel hot under the air conditioned room. He tried to wriggle out of the ropes, but it was to no avail. "Untie me and leave me," he warned. "Or you'll regret it."

"What the hell can you do to me like this?" Sophia snorted, taking another round of pictures.

"You..." He gritted his teeth as he broke through the ropes.

Without another word, he pounced at her.

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