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   Chapter 337 People Always Have Weaknesses (Part Two)

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But looking at Claire's serious eyes, Anna explained to her friend in detail, "Isn't your building still in the planning period? I'm going to open a branch on the first floor."

"Oh?" Claire's eyes lit up. Recently, when she got along with Anna, she had been very attentive to consult her friend about the investment promotion plan of the building.

"In fact, Chason will be very happy if you discuss this with him." Anna once suggested this, but Claire denied it.

After Rita's death, Gina asked the Jiang Group to cut off some interests to take care of the business of the Gu family. The more Chason talked to her, the more embarrassed Claire was to bother him with this kind of thing.

"After all, this is what I should learn." Claire remembered that she answered Anna like this.

As a result, the two of them talked more about the planning of the future building when they were taking a walk.

"You want to use the first floor as a rest area, but I think it still should be a commercial area. Besides, haven't you decided not to change shops on top floors those had been rented out?"

"Yes, I have checked the income report of the rented floors. The customer flow is stable, so I decide not to alert them." Claire answered honestly.

"In that case, we can't sell food with strong smell on the first floor. After all, it's a featured business building." Anna continued to analyze, "But those employees must need snacks or space for business negotiation, and the bakery is a good choice at this time."

She paused, leaving her friend time to think.

"Yes, and the coffee in the cake shop and office doesn't conflict with each other. Bringing donuts to colleagues can also enhance the relationship between each other." Claire remembered that when she

friend something about M City recently.

"That psychologist? He is so young. How could he get involved in the underworld? It's not his business. " Claire asked curiously.

"His business? His actual business is the underworld. " Anna was a little dissatisfied with this. "Originally, our family planned to let the boy be the successor. But he has not only achieved double degrees from the University for two years, but also went to Chinese Academy of Sciences to study psychology. He is the family abnormality."

For this reason, her parents, who were shocked by Westin's strong desire for knowledge, considered it over and over again. They once wanted to give the right of inheritance to Anna, and Anna had fought against it for a long time.

When Claire first learned that the Anna's family was the biggest gang in S City she was shocked, then she gradually accepted the fact that neither Anna nor her younger brother wanted to inherit the family business. For Anna's complaints at this time, Claire decided to firmly abide by the principle of silence.

It was getting dark. After nightfall, the private club began to usher in the most prosperous moment of the day.

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